Just two weeks after the Los Angeles County coroner’s office released Whitney Houston’s official cause of death saying the singer died from an accidental drowning due to cocaine usage, officials have now released her final autopsy report.

According to the coroner, Houston complained of a sore throat the day of her death, and her assistant suggested she take a bath to relax before attending Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party that evening. By the time the assistant returned, Houston had drowned in the bathtub and water soaked the floor.

The Associated Press reports:

The report delivered a grim accounting of Houston’s final hours nearly three months ago. The singer complained of a sore throat before an assistant suggested she take a bath before the start of a pre-Grammy Awards gala. By the time the assistant returned, Houston had drowned and was lying face down in the tub.

Investigators who scoured the room later found in the bathroom a “spoon with a white crystal like substance in it,” and a white powdery substance in a drawer and on a mirror, according the report. The report does not specifically identify the substances as cocaine, although toxicology tests discovered the drug in Houston’s heart and extremities.

Investigators found a hole in Houston’s nose and heart damage, which are signs of longterm drug abuse. Despite her struggles with substance abuse, Houston’s friends and family thought she overcame her demons, but tragically she hadn’t.

Houston died just a day before the Grammy Awards, and months before her comeback film Sparkle could be released.

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  • Shirl

    I’m sorry for her family. Someone that I love dearly was going through the same thing (thank God not in the public eye) and mercifully just celebrated 2 years clean. Whitney will be missed!!

  • mamareese

    So basically she OD’d. That’s messed up some folks just cant shake demons.

  • Nikki

    Where is all them enabling friends and family members now? and where is all the Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace shows now? Now that she died from a typical ni**a death, I guess no one CNN or MSNBC feels it’s necessary to deal with illicit drug use but when it was prescription drugs, it was a national debate.

    Her family and friends are all just as much to blame for this tragic ending as Whitney is. All those church-going, bible-toting enablers on every damn channel, expousing weapons of mass distractions to people. “Whitney was clean” B.S. She was an addict that needed help!

    There is no reason this talented woman had to go out face down in a bathtub, high as a kite. Terrible

  • Elle

    oh Whitney :(

    • Dalili