On March 24, 19-year-old college student Kendrec McDade was shot and killed by Pasadena police officers, just outside of Los Angeles.

After Oscar Carrillo called 911 and alleged that two young black men dressed in black had just robbed him at gunpoint and stolen his backpack (which included a laptop), police chased McDade and his 17-year-old friend shooting McDade multiple times after they claimed he was reaching for his waistband.

McDade was unarmed, and despite an exhaustive search of the neighborhood, they never recovered a weapon or Carrillo’s laptop. A lawyer for McDade’s parents question whether or not a robbery even took place in the first place, but the Pasadena PD claim they have obtained a video of the two teens stealing a backpack from Carrillo’s car.

Days after McDade was riddled with bullets, Police arrested Carrillo for Involuntary Manslaughter, claiming he set in motion the events that led to McDade’s death by falsely claiming the two men had a gun.

McDade’s family claims his death is apart of a history of officer-involved shootings by the Pasadena police, and that the investigation into their son’s death “reeks” of a coverup. They have filed a federal lawsuit against the department, the police chief, and the offers who killed their Kendrec.

The Huffington Post reports:

The federal lawsuit alleges McDade’s death was part of a pattern of abuse and killings of black people in Pasadena at the hands of police, including the shooting death of Leroy Barnes Jr. who was shot 11 times in 2009 by the department’s officers. The lawsuit said Officer Jeffrey Newlen shot McDade several times after pursuing the teen on foot, while Officer Mathew Griffin fired several shots from his police cruiser. The suit said McDade was never ordered to stop and police reports do not mention the teen defying police orders.

Kendrec’s parents, Kenneth McDade and Anya Slaughter, are devastated over their son’s death, and they want answers.

“How can I put my trust in a system that doesn’t ever work for us?” Mr. McDade wonders.

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  • There is more to this story! I’m not going to jump yet on the racial killing bandwagon…..

  • edub

    While this is tragic, I don’t understand why you would run from the police–especially if you are innocent. Cops are not going to give you the benefit of the doubt when you run. When you decide to take off, you throw all logic and reason out the window when it comes to who you really are. Just stupid.

    • jamesfrmphilly

      so it’s his own fault? never blame the white man, huh.

    • edub

      I guess, black people are never guilty of their bad decisions. He paid with his life for a very stupid decision.

    • jamesfrmphilly

      apparently black people are always guilty.

    • apple

      don’t be dumbass , just because you run doesnt give the police permission to killl you when you finally stop..

  • Whatever

    I agree there is a lot more to this story. They never recovered a gun so they’re arresting the man that called it in because he lied and said they robbed him at gunpoint. However, they also NEVER recovered the laptop or the backpack. I would like them to release the video of them taking the backpack from the car. Without that evidence the man could very well be lying about the entire thing.

    If the events are in fact correct, then while I’m saddened this young man payed with his life, he should have never been involved in the robbery in the first place.

  • Liz

    Umm…I could have swore his friend admitted that they stole the bag…?

  • au napptural

    Wait, both things can’t be true. Either the guy lied about the robbery (the police did arrest him for filing a false report after all) AND the cops lied about finding evidence on those boys after they got trigger happy. But the cops can’t find evidence and they arrest the guy for lying. They’re all lying most likely.

    I think the boys ran for a reason we don’t know. Think about it- who in this day and age runs from the cops? And certainly not a college student. No, I think the cops were beating them up or threatening to shoot to start with and they ran for their lives. Or they could’ve run over something minor, like weed, not knowing about that robbery thing. Still tragic and the cops are cover up something!