You knew this was coming, right?

But word on the streets is that Whitney Houston’s beloved daughter is setting the stage to star in her very own reality show.

According to “sources,” Bobbi Kris secured a verbal deal with a major cable network (VH1, is that you?) to bring her crazy life to the small screen, but of course her family isn’t feeling it.

An insider told Radar Online: “This show is being done aginat her family’s advice. The series is likely to be a train wreck because of Bobbi Kristina’s ongoing struggles with drugs and alcohol.”

Bobbi Kristina’s last foray into reality TV was on her parents’ eye-opening Bravo series, Being Bobby Brown. On the show, viewers got an inside glimpse into the dysfunctional life of the Houston-Brown family and saw then-pint-sized Bobbi Kristina having to parent her mother and father as they struggled through their substance abuse.

While this is possibly a good business move for Bobbi Kris and whatever network who signs her, it is potentially a personally damaging one.

Although I’m not expert, coping with the death of your mother in front of the judgmental eye of a TV audience doesn’t seem like the best move for a young woman whose family have a history of substance abuse.

But what do  you think? Is this a good move for Bobbi Kristina or will it be a train wreck?  

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  • kaila

    spelling mistake in the title

    • Ocean Blue

      Perhaps she is getting her Realtor license. Hahaha. Hehehehehe.

    • entro

      @ocean blue. Hahahahahahah you stuuupid

    • Ocean Blue


  • ebony

    I get it that all she has known all her life is the limelight she lived in courtesy of her parents, but she honestly needs to pave her own path and if she is wise, as far away from cameras as possible. Most likely if she wants to do the show, nobody is goingto stop her but we can all be sure to see her burn.

  • tami king

    Ok so her mother died so that makes her want to act? She has no talent! Whitney once was a brillint singer, but once she met up with Bobby and did their mess, Whitney’s repretation went to hell! I love Bobbi K., but she is not her mother.