There are two essential things needed for healthy natural hair: water and oil. One of the most sought after oils are coconut oil. This product promotes hair growth, contains vitamin E, and helps to repair damaged hair. Coconut oil is a natural hair moisturizer that keeps your scalp intact and prevents dandruff from forming.

Over the years, coconut oil has been a beneficial product for women with natural hair.

Works Great with Water

As we all know, you should always apply water to your hair first and then apply your oils. Coconut oil has the ability to work well as a pre-shampoo oil treatment or after shampoo deep conditioner. It acts as a coating for conditioning your hair cuticles. The results of using this product can enhance the shine of your hair and make the hair easier to manipulate.

As versatile, lightweight oil, it has the ability to seal the hair properly and reduce friction between hair fibers.

Creates a Protein Structure for Moisture

Coconut oil can help the natural protein structure of your hair. It helps to retain moisture better and to make the hair stronger. This oil helps to reduce water uptake and swelling by binding proteins and eliminating excess water.

Damaged or porous hair is the best candidate for coconut oil use because the hair cuticles are vulnerable and are open. This product reduces the hair ability to swell and shrink in response to water.

Other benefits include: a great product for scalp massages, helps in length retention when applied to ends consistently and lightly conditions hair without leaving a greasy feel.

Coconut oil is an excellent hair oil to use on natural hair, chemically relax, heat straighten, or colored hair because it prevents protein loss and reduce hair porosity.

Do you use coconut oil in your hair? How has it worked for you?

– Paulette Wilson

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  • Miss September

    Ladies ,where do you purchase coconut oil ? The only product that I’ve
    seen with coconut oil in is grease etc ….

    • femmecreole

      Amazon has great deals. I buy the Nature’s Way EfaGold. I’ve been using the same jar for over a year now.

    • farrah

      I love to go to Vitamin Shoppe Shoppe, whole foods, or even harris teeter. They all sell raw organic unprocessed coconut oil. If you don`t have neither of those, locate your closest indian store or international grocerry.

  • dansa285

    My stylist recommended it for my edges and I have seen a difference. I was told to purchase it in an organic health store. I found it at GNC; the brand I use is “Nutiva” and it is organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in the organic section and I LOVE it! No refrigeration is needed because it is solid and creamy at room temperature 76 degrees.

    Some other brands of EVCO can be hard, white and flaky and need to be mixed with other others to be spreadable to the scalp/ hair. I highly recommend this product, it is easy to use, smells great and for $12.00 for 15 fl ounces it was well worth it because you dont need to use alot at a time.