Add another movie to the list of films with black casts that will have theatrical releases this year, because Rel Dowdell’s Changing The Game will hit theaters in early May. The independent film will start in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and Atlanta, but expand to more cities later with an R rating.

The drama stars relative newcomer Sean Riggs in the lead role, as well as Irma P. Hall, Tony Todd, Suzzanne Douglas, and Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones from the rap group Onyx. The film’s synopsis calls it “the gripping story of two childhood friends from a gritty North Philadelphia neighborhood who choose divergent life paths but find themselves facing the same risks and, quite possibly, the same ending.”

I think the trailer probably says more about what to expect from the film than anything, so check it out!

Will you see this one?

Spotted at Shadow & Act.

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  • Howard Sommers

    Looks hot! This definitely doesn’t look like another hood movie to me. In fact, it
    looks like the opposite. We need to see young brothers getting out of bad
    areas and doing well in life. Young black men are being more victimized in their
    neighborhoods now than ever before. I myself grew up in Cabrini Green, and
    today I am a doctor. I can fully relate to the messages and themes in this film
    and will be seeing it for sure.

  • Tami

    I can’t wait to see it…Looks good to me…But I’m with Malik Hemmans on his comment that a film about 3 teens who make a pact sounds corny…I mean, that sounds like something that should be on TV….I happen to like violence & lots of sex in my movies, but I also like stimulating conversation that makes me think outside the box. A hood movie if well done, holds my interest…but I like other things also.

  • Seth Murray

    Right on Tami! I can’t wait to see this pic either!