An alarming new report is adding black women to the high number of HIV cases in African-American community.

According to the Los Angeles Times,

“African American women in six U.S. cities are becoming infected with HIV at a rate five times the national average for black women. The researchers found that in Baltimore; Atlanta; Newark, N.J.; New York City; Raleigh-Durham, N.C.; and Washington, the annual rate of infection was 24 per 10,000 black women. Nationally, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that black women become infected at a rate of 5 per 10,000. The rate in Congo is 28 per 10,000.”

This new report adds to an already abysmal news that gay and bi-sexual African American men make up the majority of HIV/AIDS cases around the country.

This new study was put out by the National Institute of Health, highlighting the sense of urgency in our already marginalized communities.

Do you know your status? When is the last time you got tested?

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  • Alexandra

    @ BestAnon +5000000

    Otherwise, I’ll continue to put my health before everything; not just my status either.
    It’s saddening that Black women are still the face of HIV in the US (or World) and instead of the numbers decreasing, they’re increasing. *Sigh* I do think the healthcare industry could do more to reach the women in disadvantaged communities if they wanted to…just a thought.

  • Jess

    The media and American “science” organizations are doing everything in their power to remove Black women from the human family and make us undesirable – it’s already worked in our own communities. Stop believing every report that comes out every 5 seconds about Black women. You’d have to be an idiot to believe that the rest of the women in America and the world don’t have have the same stats and worse than what’s being reported about Black women. This demonization campaign works because you want to believe it.

    and cut the crap about how you know someone with hiv yadda yadda yadda – so? there are plenty of whites,asians and hispanics that know their own with HIV and other diseases. the entire world suffers from similar disease rates, egc.

    Black women, you’re losing the battle because you choose to accept the evil being pushed to you daily by the media. Black men have already chosen to accept the lies about us – we should not also accept lies about ourselves.

    the new third reich is at work here – black women, you’re the target. just remember that tens of thousands of hitlers soldiers were themselves jews who came to hate themselves and their own so much that they were willingto eliminate their own brothers and sisters for an ugly midget with a napolean complex and bad mustache.

    we’re at that samepoint, ladies. unless you start thinking and stop believing the lies.

  • Jess

    and once again, Clutch parrots any and everything coming from the white-led mainstream media.

    Have any of you dummies ever noticed that all of these ‘stats’ are always based on Black women’s sexuality, beauty and femininity?

    The stats are always “Black woman have this-or-that STD, aren’t marriageable, are ugly, yada yada yada”

    Notice they rarely mention maybe rates for Multiple sclerosis, or lupus, or fibroids, or breached births, or car accident rates, or anything other than those things that go directly to who we are as women, as the female half of our race?

    And y’all go for it every time, and report whatever the mainstream media says…smdh..DAMN Black people are STUPID AS HELL.

    And Black women, you’ve given up.

    And Clutch, i guess you’ll filter this comment because it points out how you’re working hand in hand with a racist media to destroy black women by spitting out the same ol’ same ol’. pathetic.

  • TAE

    I’m from NC, went to college in Raleigh and all I can say is DAMN, we right up there with the Congo?!? What is going on??? Can somebody explain this to me in a way that makes sense??? Like why is it Black women who are being infected like this, like really why? The general consensus seems to be because black woman are loose and don’t know how to choose a good man and black men are all gay or undercover or drug users. This is complete nonsense. If this is the truth about black people can anybody explain to me how we got this way?? Slavery is at the root of all of this, when will we dig ourselves out from under all the mess that has been placed on our spirits and minds? My heart hurts for my people….


    HIV is preventable. All of this talk about bisexual and gay men has merit but is also ridiculous. If you are a woman (period) are you or are you not responsible for your own protection? what preventive methods did you use? Even if your partner isn’t, you still have to be regardless. Whats the difference between a bisexual black man and a bisexual black woman? The only difference is that bi-black women arent seen as a taboo in the broader scale. after all, bisexual means having fun on both sides of the fence. why do you think people will stare and smile when two sista’s kiss,but cringe when two brotha’s kiss. whenever this topic is discussed in the black community,dl brothas are usually the first thing people talk about.

    I dont have anything against bi’s or gays,but lets not make them the scape goat. HIV spreads because people dont protect themselves and (are/can be) ignorant. I get tested yearly for hiv and all diseases and im clean.So for everyone reading and making comments pointing fingers,do you know your status? Im far from perfect,but when discussing these issues,we need to get to the point. Accountability and knowing your status.