By now we know that Tyra Banks has cut the entire cast of America’s Next Top Model, from Andre Leon Talley to longtime cast members Jay Manuel, J. Alexander, and Nigel Barker. The question has been who Tyra and new judge Kelly Cutrone would find to replace these ANTM staples and we may have the answer: bloggers. Page Six recently reported that:

“producers are looking to add a social media slant to the show, and they’ve already reached out to bloggers and fashion insiders with a strong Web presence, including street-style blogger Bryan Boy.”

When Kelly Cutrone was asked by Fashionista about the possibility, she seemed to confirm the rumor, saying: “If they bring bloggers on, I think it’ll be relevant to a huge audience. Most fashion houses seem to think so; they’re putting bloggers in the front row.”

One previous ANTM contestant and opinionated winner disagrees. Eva Marcille, who became the top model of cycle 3, told Fashionista flat out, this is not a good idea.

“[Bloggers] are just people with opinions that don’t do this business. It’s like, me giving you an opinion about your blog. I don’t have a blog. So who am I to tell you about your blog? I’m sorry, three months as a blogger is not gonna prepare you for what this world is.”

It’s doubtful the show would take a chance with inexperienced bloggers but it makes perfect sense to at least have one blogger on the panel who will bring ANTM the viewers its missing and the “boost” Tyra says the show needs. Bloggers may not know if a girl off the street has a chance of being booked by a top model agency but they do represent the public and have a better chance of knowing which models would appeal to the consumers they’ll be pushing products to. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

What fashion bloggers would you love to see join the ANTM judging panel?

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