Watch Brian McKnight zealously, and in his signature falsetto, sing a few bars of “Ready to Learn,” first, then let’s discuss it once we’ve all seen and heard what he’s going for lately. The language in the song is troublingly not safe for work.

NOT romantic. And before you decide that he must be joking, Brian took to Twitter last night to dismiss the haters and lick his wounds by removing the original copy of the video.
If you’re not with me in being shocked, amused, confused, thrown off, a little offended, and just grossed out, then please explain to me what is really going on with this song? Is it off-putting because McKnight is supposed to be a staple of r&b who seems to have turned into a Chappelle Show/Boondocks/SNL skit (“D**ck in a Box,” anyone?)? He can do all of the “adult” music he wants to, but must he claim that I’d know what to do with my…business if only I’d brought it to him first? As opposed to what must be last? Is he having a mid-life crisis or just trying to stay relevant in music? We are seeking answers!

What do you think of Brian McKnight’s new song?

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  • Nope

    This is MAD TV plus Dave Chappelle skit level material fa real. I love the idea of showing love to the punanna, but them lyrics gets a no minus!

  • Jai

    Brian, have a seat \_

    • HopeChest

      I can imagine you saying that to him at the Apollo Theatre when it’s empty.

      Tell him to take a whole dang row.

  • ImJustSaying

    ~Much of the audience has become so cowed these days they have very little appreciation for challenging art. They can only appreciate what is popular or deemed so by pop culture taste makers instead of attempting to enjoy what appeals to their individual taste. As for the subject matter and graphical sexual terms can we all grow up!
    I propose that the people most offended by graphic sexual terms still use colloquialisms and childish term for both their genitalia and bodily functions.~

    The problem is that this is what’s POPULAR! Hyper sexualized vulgar language is on the radio all day long.
    Dance (Ass) – Big Sean
    Whisper song -Ying yang twins
    Beat the Pu$$y up – Cant remember the “artist” right now
    Wet the bed- Chris Brown

    The beauty of the music from 50 years ago and sprinkled throught the following years was the suggestion and subtlety of the song. You knew what the song was about without getting the most graphic description one could encounter.

    All the “repetitive bull ish” sounds just like this. And people don’t like it from Brian McKnight because he should be enough of an artist to NOT go this direction in order to “do something new”

    Also this keeps up the falsehood that woman can’t solve their own problems in the bedroom and a man is the ONLY one who knows the secret tricks to a female orgasm. (Only if he have a post-graduate degree in Sociology though)

    On another note
    Pussy SLANG term for Vagina
    Squirt SLANG term for ejaculation

    Just because these and other colloquialisms are used in music and other forms of artistic expression does not mean that people are childish and need to grow up. I keep the dirty talk in the bedroom with my man. I don’t want to hear it on the radio when i’m driving my little cousins to school.

    Which brings me to my final point that goes directly to Mr. McKnight..
    You have young followers on twitter, if you were going to release an “adult mixtape” why would you take comments from an open forum of all ages? Now we have another song that young girls and some grown but sexually immature woman will use to justify giving it up and the young boys and equally immature men will rise to the opportunity to “show her how” with no clue what they are doing. And the song isn’t even that great to begin with.

    If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t, but please don’t characterize everyone who is offended by this as prudish and overly conservative. It actually speaks to the high taste level of the readers on the site and others. we want new and different and just because “Young” artists are doing it does not automatically make it “New”

  • gmarie

    he explained that the concept was an adult mix tape though..why are adults so offended like they’ve never heard the word before?? the song sounds good to me and it’s within his range/style of music

  • Jo Anderson

    What’s the fuss? I like this song and can’t wait for the whole mixtape.