Twitter has once again shown that it is truly the place for cowards to throw darts at people who they wouldn’t dare confront in real life. After Brittney Griner’s amazing performance at the NCAA women’s basketball championship Tuesday, twits started questioning the 6’8” athletes’ sex due to her low voice and athletic ability. Some of the obnoxious tweets were:


“it’s a shame Brittney Griner’s sanctimonious basketball skills are overshadowed by her sounding/looking like a man.”


“Why is Brittney Griner so good at basketball? Because she’s actually a man. #haveyouheardhertalk.”


“My prediction: Baylor’s national championship will be vacated once it is confirmed that Brittney Griner is, in fact a man…”


“I hope @SkyDigg4 walks up to Brittney Griner at the end of this game n asks her – MAN pull your D*ck out!? *Pun Intend #NCAAWomensBasketball.”


Why it is that when a woman is exceptionally good at a sport her sexual preference is put on blast as if it has anything to do with her talent? I believe it goes back to when we were kids and to be told that you play “like a girl” was an incredible insult. Being male or female has nothing to do with the talent that you were blessed with. It’s beyond sad that an amazing basketball player like Griner can’t get the respect she deserves for perfecting her gift because some feel that women who are great at sports must secretly be a man.


SMH at the ignorance.

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  • sa

    Brittney Griner is a woman. There is nothing else that can be said. Not all women have curves or large breasts but it doesn’t make them any less of a woman. Also, not all women have high pitched voices but those are not the criteria in which a real woman is defined. Biologically and physically Brittney is a female and people who say otherwise simply have nothing better to talk about so they make up a subject matter.

  • df

    people will always have something to say, always. There’s no point going into why…it’s just not my business and I know people would much rather go with what is habit instead of change the way they do things…so not my problem, i’m not their therapist.

    You just have to shake it off and focus on your goals and stand strong in who you are. Maybe she’s been hearing something like this for awhile, she might even hear worse. I pray she learns to stand strong because if she doesn’t all the defending in the world from us or anyone else won’t help her.

  • hellifiknow

    I’m sure she’s biologically a woman – think her teammates would have figured out if she wasn’t by now. But I have to agree with the OB/GYN. After seeing her and hearing her talk, it’s very possible that hormonally or otherwise she has some male characteristics. She does not have the obvious body parts that we’d expect on a woman and she has a distinctively low voice. I know a woman who is 6’5 and you’d never confuse her for anything but a woman. So it’s not just Britney’s height. I do think that whatever the situation she is who she is and folks who are talking nastily about her are just nasty people. She can’t change her height or her voice.

  • I just had to comment on this… I get called a man all the time because I don’t “fit” into societyies ideal of what a woman is suposed to look, walk, talk, and dress like. I play ball too and have very small breast and do not walk with my hips ( I guess thats right) lol. I’m sure throughout her life she was always look at like a “freak”. She’s 6’8, I’ve played against plenty 6’8 women, all looking different , some a lil too girly for me, but thats my own opinion lol. I’m only 6’0 but Still seem “freakish” to other people, mostly women, especially coming out of the womens restroom, regardless of what I wear or how long or short my hair is. We have to understand people are very ignorant and only see what they want to see. If a woman isnt walking around scantily clad ready to spread her legs open to every man in the world, then its got to be something wrong with her. I do not think B.G. Looks like a man, she’s just a tall ass girl who can ball and ahem, dunk like crazy. lol. There are many haters out there… but then again there are loves / fans as well. Im quite sure B isnt concerned about the ” little people” pun intended. It may sting for a minute, but its going to take alot to take down that tall glass of water… lol. GO BRIT! CONGRATS ON THE PERFECT SEASON. See you on the court in 2014… I hear you already got deals for the league… Nice to have a okay job coming out of college ( yes, nice job, not great.. its 48k a season for top WNBA draft picks) SMH how sad…

  • Mary Smith

    Her athletic skills are not the chief reason people wonder if she’s a man. It’s all the other features: voice, mannerisms, how she stands and moves, how she sits, her aversion to attire that even slightly hints of femaleness. Really. Look at pictures of her sitting, leaning on things, and her attire. Nobody actually thinks she’s a full-fledged man, but…I’m not a bully just because I think she has internal testes and no uterus/ovaries–a situation that was revealed with Caster Semenya who was raised a girl because she has no EXTERNAL genitalia. I think Brittney (if she truly is a woman) would look smashing in four-inch heels and a gown. And don’t say she can’t find women’s shoes to fit and that’s why she always wears SNEAKERS with her SUITS and TIES. Lisa Leslie is only three inches shorter (former WNBA player) and she wears high heels and gowns all the time. I’m not saying Brittney SHOULD wear a gown, but gees…MEN’S clothes ALL the time? And what’s with being contracted to MODEL men’s clothes for that retailer?