Twitter has once again shown that it is truly the place for cowards to throw darts at people who they wouldn’t dare confront in real life. After Brittney Griner’s amazing performance at the NCAA women’s basketball championship Tuesday, twits started questioning the 6’8” athletes’ sex due to her low voice and athletic ability. Some of the obnoxious tweets were:


“it’s a shame Brittney Griner’s sanctimonious basketball skills are overshadowed by her sounding/looking like a man.”


“Why is Brittney Griner so good at basketball? Because she’s actually a man. #haveyouheardhertalk.”


“My prediction: Baylor’s national championship will be vacated once it is confirmed that Brittney Griner is, in fact a man…”


“I hope @SkyDigg4 walks up to Brittney Griner at the end of this game n asks her – MAN pull your D*ck out!? *Pun Intend #NCAAWomensBasketball.”


Why it is that when a woman is exceptionally good at a sport her sexual preference is put on blast as if it has anything to do with her talent? I believe it goes back to when we were kids and to be told that you play “like a girl” was an incredible insult. Being male or female has nothing to do with the talent that you were blessed with. It’s beyond sad that an amazing basketball player like Griner can’t get the respect she deserves for perfecting her gift because some feel that women who are great at sports must secretly be a man.


SMH at the ignorance.

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  • CurlySue

    I think it’s less her athletic ability and more her extreme height and unusually deep voice. I’ll admit that when I heard an interview with her in the background while I was cleaning my house, I thought they were interviewing a male.

    • Mel

      I thought the exact thing. Then they said Baylor Women’s Basketball and I was thinking, but is he allowed to play on the team? Is that fair? I had no idea she was female but I honestly did not care either way.

      The difference between Ms. Griner and those people who complain about her on twitter is just that. She plays, she has skill, and probably very little time for nonsense while the people on twitter can do nothing but kick rocks and question her gender status.

  • Val

    This is about race more than anything else. Rebecca Lobo is a White basketball player who is about as tall a Brittney and has a deeper sounding voice and yet since she’s white no one ever questioned her gender.

    This is something reserved for Black women. Not too long ago Track officials publicly questioned the gender of Black South African runner Caster Semenya after she won the 800 meter World Championship a couple of years ago. They actually put her through all sorts of medical tests before they announced that, guess what, Caster is a woman.

    That was nothing more than a public gender-lynching and so are these racist attacks on Brittney.

    Hang in there Brittney, they are just mad because you’ve already had more success at such a young age then they will have in their whole pitiful lives.

    • Rebecca Lobo is 6′ 4″. And when you are talking about people that tall, 4 inches is a huge difference. Hell 4 inches is a big difference even when you’re not talking about tall people. It’s the difference between 5’8″ and 6 feet.

      I am not agree or disagreeing with your main point, I just wanted to clarify that point.

    • Devan

      Sorry but I think you’re really reaching with the race/Rebecca Lobo comparison.

    • Val


      In other words, you really had nothing to say but decided to say something anyway. Got it.

    • Bosslady

      No Val, myblackfriendsays is saying get your facts right, as one cannot make a valid argument with incorrect facts. As I tall women, (not in the 6ft region) I can testify that 4 inches is a HUGE different, so if you are trying to compare like with like, ensure that they are indeed alike.

    • Val


      Unfortunately many people, some of whom are commenting on this post, don’t know that this country and the world in general has a long history of questioning the femininity of Black women. This questioning of Brittney’s gender is just another example of that.

      Also some people apparently have a problem with reading comprehension, since it’s clear that rather than understanding the point that was being made they honed in on once specific thing that really wasn’t the point of the comment.

      But just to make the reading challenged amongst us happy I’m going to present the example of Margo Dydek, a White 7-foot-2 former WNBA player, who I do not remember having her gender questioned.

      Hopefully this example will simplify my point enough so that those who didn’t understand are able to now.

    • Mary Smith

      You and Val seem to be forgetting the “man” comments that Martina Navratalova got during her heyday. Last time I checked, she’s as white as a lily.

    • Mary Smith

      Val you’re full of nonsense. 1) R. Lobo does NOT have a deeper voice than Brittney. It sounds like a woman and her face LOOKS like a woman. 2) IT was revealed that Castor, though absence a winkie on the outside, has INTERNAL testes…and NO uterus/ovaries. She’s essentially an underdeveloped male, though legally recognized as female.

  • JaeBee

    “Why it is that when a woman is exceptionally good at a sport her sexual preference is put on blast as if it has anything to do with her talent?”

    I think you might mean gender identity here.

    • Ocean Blue

      It’s gender identity and sexual preference.

  • Ocean Blue

    It has nothing to do with ignorance.

    Well, she is masculine in appearance and unattractive (My statement isn’t based on my person opinion, but from what I have seen being said about her on social networks).

    For example, just the another night, I saw a tweet on Twitter where someone stated that Brittney Griner is the female Anthony Davis (College basketball player for University of Kentucky).

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    This reminds me of the Olympic runner who was accused of having masculine attributes, what was her name?

    • Dalili

      I think you mean Caster Samenya the runner from Angola.

    • JaeBee

      I believe you are referring to Castor Semenya. I believe they did some tests and the results came back that she was in fact an intersexed individual.

    • Dalili

      **correction: Ms. Samenya is from South Africa not Angola.