Looks like there was no shortage of celeb tantrums over the weekend. After one of Nicki Minaj’s largest fan sites shared some of her new music before it hit music stores, the rapper went on a rant about “mean” and “ratchet” Barbz.

Despite selling 250k units in its first week and garnering the top spot, Minaj was angry about Nicki Daily posting already-leaked songs to its popular website before the album launch.

After getting called out by some of her fans, Nicki said she was leaving her beloved Barbz in the dust and deleting her twitter.

She also tweeted:

And that’s exactly why I’m paying the barbz DUST right now! And deleting my twitter. Smdh – don’t cry 4 me argentina

On 2nd thought I’ll just follow a new set of barbz. The ones I follow r very mean and ratchet. *side eyes them*

Magically @NickiMinaj disappeared from Twitter and blogs from TheYBF to The Hollywood Reporter jumped on the story.

But is this a smart move for Nicki?

Minaj isn’t the first artist to have music hit the web before its debut, and she surely won’t be the last. While other artists have had entire projects shelved because fans just couldn’t wait on the finished product (see Bilal’s amazing unreleased album Love For Sale), Minaj has managed to grab the number one spot in spite of (and maybe because of) the leaks.

Today’s music business is far different from years past. These days fans don’t have to wait for fan club meet ups and artists to maybe, please answer their fan letters. They can interact with their idols in 140 characters or less. So leaving Twitter might not be such a good move for Minaj, and I suspect that she’ll be back…soon.

But what do you think? Was it smart for Nicki Minaj to leave Twitter?

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  • Ugh she’s so stupid just like her Twitter obsessed fans/ groupies. Goodbye, maybe with her time off from the Internet she can go back to forming a real personality, something she should’ve done decades ago.

  • La, California Dreaming

    I don’t know if it was a smart or not, because I didn’t follow her.

    My thing is, how does music get leaked? Whenever I hear that music is leaked, I wonder who else would have access to their material to do it.

  • Roses

    Maybe she needs to go to Waikikiiiiiiiii and chill….Sounds like she is in meltdown mode….I can understand both sides but def not the best way to handle it…But these tantrums gotta go, not just with her but all these entertainers!

  • Something about nicki minan fans are absolutely insane. It is not just her fans either. It is the fans of beyonce, lady gaga, bieber and some others. But especially nicki because she never had good boundaries with her fans either online or in person. Their obsession is actually disrespectful.

    • La, California Dreaming

      Yes, I’ve never been able to understand the level of obsession of those fans for those artists. It has to be unhealthy.

  • If only she’ll quit rapping- or whatever it is she does… *fingers crossed*

    • Whatever