Skin and hair care label Carol’s Daughter was once a staple in the arsenal of many naturalistas, but as other homegrown companies have flooded the marketplace, Carol’s Daughter seemed to be courting a more diverse audience. Now, the company is taking it back to its roots and reaching out to women considering “going natural” or those who are new to letting their natural tresses shine.

Recently, Carol’s Daughter released a teaser video for their new site, Transitioning Movement, which helps newly naturals “transition” out of their relaxer and into rocking the hair God gave them.

The site’s website tells readers they want to help women “get back to the basics of natural beauty” by helping the ditch their creamy crack addiction.

Carol’s Daughter describes the site as:

“This definitive online source on how to transition was founded on the idea that every woman should celebrate her own unique beauty. As women transition from relaxed to natural hair with protective styles, the big chop or long or curly grow-outs, we aim to support them as they brave the change with fun, informative and helpful features.”

While I think it’s great newly naturals have yet another resource, I wonder how having a major player in the hair care market will affect the thousands of upstart natural hair blogs from everyday women.

What do you think of Carol’s Daughter’s new ‘Transitioning Movement’ site? 

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  • df

    I’ve heard NOTHING but horrible reviews for 98% of her products and on top of that they are fairly costly….

  • I think Carol’s daughter has lost touch with their audience. Their stuff smells good but honestly anything I want to use in my hair I can make and do make. I like most of the big natural blogs but for mine I try to focus on both newbie naturals and already natural. Plus I make it a point to reach out to people in person about natural hair, a plus that big companies can’t do.

  • Bunny

    I get diversifying, or whatever buuut…this whole movement seems to be too little, too late for CD. When I went natural back in 2009, I was already hearing tons of negative reviews about their products. And now moving away from the customer base that got them popular in the first place? I dunno. Something just isn’t quite right…I’m not sold. And Solange just IRKS me for some reason!

  • Kesha Warren

    I was done with Carols daughter after their whole polyethnic BS. I’ll stick to nappturality or bglh thankyouverymuch

  • Kesha Warren

    BTW read this article about the campaign with light skinned women only:

    Carol’s Daughter HATES Black women- Why no Self-Respecting Black Woman Should EVER Purchase Carol’s Daughter Products EVER!