(Warning: Video may be NSFW)

Indie pop band Chester French is causing quite a stir with their latest video “Black Girls.” The song—an apparent ode to black women—seems just “different” and “edgy” enough to create a buzz, because, you know, white men openly expressing their desire for black women is sooo revolutionary.

While I’m sure many will appreciate Chester French’s shout out to the sistas, I’m inclined to agree with the homie Jamilah Lemieux when she describes the song, and it’s hyper-sexualized video, as “creepy.”

The video for “Black Girls” is just what many man crave: some good ol’ fashioned girl-on-girl action, which casts the white woman in the place of Chester French (who are absent from the video) and reduces the black woman to basically a sex toy.

Instead of Chester French appearing in the video along side a bevy of beautiful black women and singing their praises, they leave the adulation up to a (very pale) white woman who seems to want nothing more from the strikingly gorgeous black woman than a good lay.

Revolutionary? Methinks not.

This video made me think of the article I wrote last week about whether or not black women are seen as beautiful and not just sexy. Too often we are depicted as asexual caregivers or insatiable, vampy Jezebels looking for Mr. Right Now, but rarely are black women seen as the All-American girl next door.

Unfortunately, Chester French’s “Black Girls” does little in the way of showing appreciate for black women, but instead furthers the “black women are sexpots” meme that keeps us stuck in a box.

What do you think of Chester French’s ‘Black Girls’? 

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    i thought it was sexy. i believe people are reading to much into this video, come-on people lets be honest. everybody has been with a white woman, asian woman, and latina woman. we the black woman are the last frontier. the curiosity makes them want to kill the cat lol

    • C

      *Black women are the last frontier*

      Why do you think there are so many light skin Blacks with so many different eye colors and hair textures and skin shades,etc all over the Americas. These Blacks came about largely through Black women and mostly white men(willingly or unwillingly) and it has been going on for hundreds of years. Please read a history book. Its only in the here and now that people think this is shocking and something new and Black women should really be ashamed; Your low self esteem and inferiority complexes are showing.

    • C

      And Africa too. It happened in Africa too.

  • Rob

    You just can make everybody happy.

    i liked the video and the music, I never heard of Chester French but I will check him out now. Kind of a Black Keys vibe, with a little Oasis thrown in. not bad

    And both of the ladies were hot to me.

    • Rob


  • PoeticQueen

    I found your site by looking for a recent interview of Chester French…your title angers me very much so! People like you always want to find the negative in something. Chester French knows exactly what they were doing when they became absent in the video. Things that interest the American society..Lesbians, sex, and nudity. They have a true interest in Black women and wanted to make a video that would give the video BUZZ and raise controversy! These guys aren’t stupid, their Harvard graduates and knew what needed to be done to get their message out there without it being easily forgotten and dismissed. It obviously worked if everyone is talking about it. I’m still waiting for you to state your titles question by the way: Is the feeling mutual? You had no intention of addressing the matter, what a joke you are! Also I feel as though your focusing more on the video then the LYRICS…”Where’s the love for Black Girls” SMH

  • Kaneesha

    I’ve been a fan of Chester French since their first single and they’re jokesters. You’ve taken the laughter /love out of the song and have demonized the band as well as the song. The lead singer of the band has been in a relationship with a black girl and he also has a degree in African American Studies from HARVARD. Did you do any research on them before you criticized them? Its not the first song they’ve made like this you know. As a black girl myself the song made me like Chester French a little bit more where as in reading this article of yours has done the opposite effect for you. The feeling is mutual because I do have a thing for Chester French.