According to the New York Times, Cissy Houston, mother of legendary singer Whitney Houston, has been meeting with publishers to write a book about her daughter’s life and untimely death.

Houston, who died unexpectedly in February, publically struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for years. Although many thought she had conquered her demons, an autopsy revealed her death was directly related to her long-term substance abuse problems.

Cissy Houston has pitched her book to publishers as the “the real and definitive” book about Whitney’s life, and has promised not to hold back on any of the details.

“It’s going to be the bad, it’s going to be the good,” Mrs. Houston told one publisher.

Along with telling the whole story about her daughter’s life, Mrs. Houston also told publishers she wanted to combat some of the lies that have circulated after Whitney’s death.

If picked up by a publisher, Mrs. Houston’s book won’t be the only one published about the late singer. Close family friend Bebe Winans is also working on a book entitled, “The Whitney I Knew.”

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  • I think this is great, the TRUTH…others are going to write their “book” speaking negative about Whitney. I think it’s appropriate for her mother to write it. I also pray that her mom would donate some of the proceeds to a non-profit that is working with men and women with drug/alcohol problems. She can help other Whitney’s in the world.

    • tisme

      I agree Thomasine.Everyone else will write about her daughter,the good and the bad, why not her?

      If no one else was writing or speaking on Whitney I’d say no to Cissy writing the book but alas everyone is looking to make a quick buck.I’d like to hear about Whit through her mother’s eyes.

  • dr p

    If she confirms also whitneys lesbian relations with robyn crawford in the book then I know the book is honest, as well as some of her own recognized short commings.

    • DaTruth

      @dr p:
      See, that’s specifically why Cissy herself is working w. publishers to write this book; to set the record right against others who are intent on salaciousness & untruths like YOU who don’t know a d*mn thing about her, & r intent on dwelling on anything that is negative. Based on ur stmt., its probably fair to say that anything stated that is negative about her u would perceive as “honest”. God bless u Cissy! U have ur work cut out for u fending off the wolves, liars & naysayers that Whitney always had to deal w. in life & now sadly even in death.