The last few weeks have been filled with racially divisive rhetoric and talk. Despite our country’s complicated issues of race and racism, we have certainly made progress. America has its first African American president, but at the same time, he has been faced so much venom it’s hard to ignore the racism that still exists.

The deaths of Trayvon Martin and the murders of black pedestrians in Tulsa, Ok. have plunged our country once again into the difficult position of having to talk about race head-on, but is the media trying to create a more contentious racial atmosphere on purpose?

During CNN’s coverage of the two men accused of shooting black pedestrians in Tulsa, Ok., Susan Candiotti, the on-sceen reporter, uttered an explicit racial slur on live TV. While she was reading one of the alleged shooter’s Facebook posts, Candiotti said, “f–king n–ger.”

Instead of simply alluding to the racial slur like other networks, CNN choose to say the offensive words aloud while blurring them on-screen, but why?

After being called out for using the slur Candiotti apologized, saying, “In quoting someone else’s words, I repeated their offensive and inappropriate language. I deeply regret it.”

Recently, the reporting around the Trayvon Martin shooting has brought up some uncomfortable conversations. According to the Pew Center, the discussion about his death seems to be splitting along racial lines with the majority of black folks sympathizing with Martin’s family, and many white people supporting Zimmerman. While this moment could be used to further a respectful, honest conversation about race in America, it appears to be devolving along long-standing divides.

But is the media to blame?

Speak on it!


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  • Laugh

    Yea, I mean she was reading what someone wrote not like she went and said it just cause! I mean she should know better anyway but maybe she got caught up reading?

  • RIDIC. NPR ran this story this morning and the BLACK woman reporter mentioned the same thing, saying “using racial slurs” rather than repeating that nonsense.

    CNN. Winning!

  • Please Excuse Me

    Whoever is in charge for censoring the words is the one responsible. Ms. Candiotti was just reading what that man said on his FB page.

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    Whoa. I was NOT ready for that.
    But Cnn always screws up when it comes to being racially sensitive.

  • Mark Twain

    How come historic American literature, populated with the word “nigger”, when it was okay in everyday speech, has become wrong? Many of us, old and wise, are saddened by the fact that a small group of people decide what is right or wrong to say. Our constitution grants us right to free speech, but a group of minorities decides what we are allowed to say. A sad, sad situation in our once great country.

    • Quelqu’un

      It hasn’t “become” wrong, it was never right in the first place. So sorry that you “old and wise” (by that, did you mean old and racist?) people can’t run around using slurs anymore; those days are over. This country was built on the back of these “minorities”, so if they don’t want to be called something, I think they have that right.