Weekend 1 of the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival kicked off this past weekend and the event was just as much about fashion as it was music. Hippie grunge is the unspoken theme of the three-day celebration held in the California dessert and there are some ladies who captured this look perfectly and other who missed the mark.

Check out our list:

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  • Hahaha Kesh styled Beetlejuice Banks for Coachella. She really is a pretty girl, I just wish she would do better in the style department. I get her look, but I just don’t feel it’s executed properly? IDK… Chanel Iman is wearing swimsuit bottoms and cowboy boots, and Rihanna is wearing high waist studded shorts. Sounds like fun on paper, but yeah…

    I don’t like any of the looks but I do I see these fests as a way to throw caution to the wind and do/wear what you want, so who gives a eff.

    I really wanted to go, but didn’t plan accordingly. That Tupac thing was cray cray.

  • omfg

    chanel looks hawt.

  • ninjaface

    azealia banks killed it. shes gonna be huge! im already addicted to her music