From Frugivore — There are two girls based in Atlanta, Georgia known as “The Twerk Team.” They’re famous for posting videos to Youtube of them gyrating and shaking their butts, almost to a point that it’s artistic. I had heard a lot about these girls and even caught Waka Flocka Flames’s first line in his “Round of Applause” song featuring Drake.

“Bounce that ass, shake that ass like the Twerk Team,” he said.

Not only were they referenced in the popular Atlanta rapper’s song, they were also featured in the video. I wanted to finally see who these girls were and what they were all about. I spent almost an hour on Youtube the other day watching these various videos.

Admiring their bodies, I thought to myself, “If these girls were holding classes I could probably easily get back in shape.”

Some of their dance routines also reminded me of some of the moves that I had previously learned in my Zumba class. Sure, “twerking” isn’t the most traditional form of dance or exercise, but I can almost guarantee you that it has its benefits. It can also be a very inexpensive way to stay fit. It doesn’t require any equipment and you don’t even have to leave your house. The most you would need is a really good playlist. I recommend whatever songs get you moving in the club.

(Read the rest and watch Twerk Team’s videos at Frugivore)

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  • Beautiful Mic

    In Zumba class, they have us doing a lot of twerking. It’s, basically, many of the moves we did growing up.

    All I need is a good bra…

  • Ladiva1245

    Twerking is noting new, if you have ever seen Passa Passa DVD’s you’d know Caribbean women been doing these dance moves for years… Twerking AKA “The Butterfly” with a dash of Parkinsons. Peace

  • Aiko

    Lol I was expecting everything being exposed… But it’s harmless, this dance been around for years.. In different countries. It seem like with the states everybody cares what everyone view them as. Hoes sluts or w.e.. I have yet to see literal sexual acts.. How long have mj grabbed his crotch… I’ll wait. But it isn’t view sexual because he’s the king. But when some BLACK females dance, it’s a full blown controversy about stereotypes && what people view them as.

    I challege the so called Christians, Bible toting preachers to ask u this question. Do you have any tattoos, are you gay bi sexual. SEX before marriage. SO LET’S NOT get into religion.

    As far as self dignity.. I don’t see no ass cracks.. No tits… No cooter.. So how df is this a big deal.. Yes it is a workout because anything dealing with cardio is concidered a workout.. & fexiblity comes with twerking so yes it’s a workout. It’s the fatasses that go to McDonald’s after they twerk is why no weight is off.

    Lol lets stop the excuses.. && have a bless day. *Muah*