You may have noticed by now: Some of the comments have been getting a little out of hand here on Clutch. Initially, we envisioned the comments section as a means to build a positive, supportive community and promote intelligent debate – not browbeat, insult and engage in defamatory conduct. Malicious comments, which appear to be on the rise, fail to provoke a meaningful discussion, but rather discourage many readers and writers alike from taking part in the Clutch community. We do our best, but the modest size of our team prevents us from consistently moderating the volume of ongoing discussions Clutch generates on a daily basis. This unfortunate trend has caused us to make some major changes in the commenting system. As part of our anticipated relaunch, all comments and commentors featured on Clutch will be pre-approved. Stay tuned for the detailed list of commentary guidelines and any updates on our new discussion policies.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for supporting Clutch!

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  • Oi! You know ya’ll might end up losing some of us in the process?!

    • Hi African Mami – we know :( But, this change has to happen for us to grow and try to elevate the Clutch community.

    • AustralianGirl

      If we lose black-women hating trolling of ‘QoNew’ and ‘Socially Maladjusted’, thats a very good thing indeed.

      So glad Clutch is doing this!

  • La, California Dreaming

    On one hand, I think it is a good change, but then on the other, I worry about whoever will be doing the ‘pre-approving’ as being too selective in what gets posted.

    • Hi La,

      We are in the process of figuring out what type of system works best. I think we are leaning towards approved commenters. You will have to be an approved commenter on Clutch in order to comment and we will have guidelines on how to become an approved voice on the site.

    • That also is of concern to me as well as I’ve noticed that some of the people who pen these articles are more sensitive than others. Will the writer also be the one screening the comments? Last week I tried to write a response to one of your comments on an article we were discussing and Clutch never let it through, possibly because I critiqued the purpose of having that specific article on a website that’s supposed to portray Black women in a positive light and uplift them. Time will tell I guess…

    • @ Sasha – I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen. Comments go to spam a lot as well. The spam/moderating system moderates comments based off certain words and other factors. Comments sit in there until one of us can go and look through them and approve – which as the post stated our team is too small to do this daily.

      Thanks for the comment ;)

    • @Dede- Not a problem. I’m actually certain that happened because I’ve noticed every time I mention the blog by name in a comment, it never gets posted. Purplekeychain and California Dreaming mentioned experiencing the same thing below. Is ‘Clutch’ one of those keywords that automatically gets a comment sent to spam?

      ps- I thought a while ago I saw you guys were posting an ad for an intern to monitor and sort through comments. Was I making that up? Maybe thats a way in which you guys could expand especially with Clutch posting anywhere from 6-10 new posts every day…just a suggestion.

    • Hi Sasha,

      Thanks sweetie. :) Yeah, we did – but everyone that reached out only could do it for a few hrs a day and on certain days and it was not enough.

      We also realized that it will take someone in a part-time position and at this time we just don’t have the funding to bring someone on – so the approved commenters is looking like the best solution.

  • I thought there was already something in place anyway. Like, you mention the name of the mag and your comment DOES NOT post. But somebody (no names) is constantly using a nasty “P” word and his/her comments are never blocked. Some other blocks are also in place that make commenting annoying, but also forces to me to clean up my language. Or something.

    I don’t know, it’s weird. I think this is going to really inhibit the discussions on posts and undermine the community you are trying to create, if people can’t see their comments instantly. Some of the articles are stupid, silly or offensive, so how are you, as a mag, going to ensure that your staff isn’t biased when accepting or rejecting comments, when they may be the very authors of said inane articles?

    I like the community here, despite my eyerolling at some of the articles or other comments… so I just wonder if you’re going to lose that. Can’t you *moderate* your comments regularly (which is what most of these kinds of communities do) instead having them “approved”? That sounds like a full-time staff position.

    This probably wont be posted, either.

    I’m just sayin’…

    • La, California Dreaming

      “I thought there was already something in place anyway. Like, you mention the name of the mag and your comment DOES NOT post.”

      Yes, I have noticed this as well and I even mentioned it along with some other critiques on another article, but my comment was deleted!

    • Your right it doesn’t post. If you have a complaint or want to voice a issue or problem with the site – please email us. The writers want readers to read the piece and comment on the article not the site. It takes away from the piece and conversation – so that will stop. Keep it on topic or the comment will not post – if you want to talk or rant about us – email me @ [email protected] and I can try to address it.

      As stated above – we don’t read every comment so say someone is making crazy comments you have to email us – cause we do not have the man power to moderate and see every comment – but when made aware we delete asap.

      Your comment proves why approved commenters and comments are needed cause lots is slipping through the cracks – and many think it’s intentional when it’s not.

      Thanks again!


  • Applause!!!

  • Fa

    Good! I can’t stand negativity, its unnecessary and especially for an online magazine with a vision like Clutch’s.