D-I-Y Ear Cuffs


Ear cuffs are becoming a hot trend this year and although there are tons of cool varieties out there to purchase, you can also create your own unique cuffs pretty easily and cheaply.

Since we’re all about setting our own trends we figured a little guidance on how to make this stylish accessory would be perfect for a little D-I-Y fashion project for the weekend. Here’s how to get started.

1. Decide if you want to purchase or make your own cuff. Beading companies sell solid cuffs with loops and holes for adding your own adornments which require less effort on your part, but you can also purchase hypoallergenic sterling silver wire and create your own from scratch.

2. If you start with bare wire, cut it 4-6 inches and wrap the wire around a pencil until it just reaches the starting point, then bend it back 180 degrees, wrap it back, bend it 180 degrees again, and so on, until you have your desired width or number of wire stripes. Once you have the shape you want, bend the wire ends back on themselves, and put a drop of jewelers adhesive on each end to keep it from poking you.

3. The dangling attachments, which can range from beads, feathers, chains, or small charms should be made separately. If your just attaching a pre-made charm, simply use a jump ring to attach it to the loop, hole, or wire of the ear cuff. You can also use another piece of wire to attach your own combination of beads or trinkets and then create a loop on the end to hook it to the cuff. Use pliers to close the end to make sure it stays put.

4. Fit the cuff to your ear and voilà you now have your own custom ear cuffs.

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