When people learned that Beyonce was named People’s most beautiful woman in the world, many folks were split into a few camps: the overjoyed stans, the Bey haters, those who couldn’t care less, and those of us who felt that Bey topping the list was long overdue. Not because she’s actually THE most beautiful person in the world (how can anyone know for sure?), but because the list is basically a popularity contest, and love her or hate her, Bey has “ruled the (pop) world” for a few years now. But when I saw a few of the spread’s photos…well, then I knew there was a problem.

Let me set a few things straight first: Yes, I understand People, despite its name, is geared toward a mainstream (read: white) audience, so picking Bey as “the most beautiful” woman as opposed to, say, Kerry Washington, was inevitable. And while I wish they’d also include  “browner” women on the cover, I do think Beyonce gracing the oft-very-white cover is a good move. But while I appreciate her inclusion, I don’t appreciate the photogs & retouchers making her look like a white woman. I mean, come on.

Whether you think Beyonce is black or not (I’ve never debated this, to me, she’s black), when the world sees her…they see a black woman–topping the charts, strolling through NYC with her baby, and cuddling up to her husband and enjoying the game. But the People mag photos have seemed to taking out one of her key elements: her color.

I’m not sure what they were thinking (perhaps selling more covers?), but not only does this particular picture of Bey look amazing pale (yes, she’s light-skinned, but she has color, c’mon), but her lips look awkward (non-existent?) and the picture they  chose just makes her look…odd.

What’s not in doubt is that Beyonce is a beautiful woman; she’s an absolute stunner. Hailing her as “the most beautiful woman in the world” and then making her look very, very strange doesn’t seem like much of an honor to me. Bey deserved better than a picture that did little to tout her beauty.

C’mon People, is this really the best you’ve got?

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  • MC

    I don’t think anyone questions beyonce’s blackness, it’s not like light skin black folks are an anomoly. If anyone does question it, it’s because of photos like the one up top. Look at her sister solange..no one is questioning her blackness, could it be because she’s not trying to look like an imitation white woman hmmm..

    • Anon

      I tend to doubt the attractiveness and guess the skin shade of black women who always wanna play the “imitation white woman” game with Beyonce. Solange looks more like her father’s side of the family, Beyonce more like her mother’s side of the family.

    • MC

      And… your point? Oh let me guess i’m supposed to be the dark &unattractive bitter black woman? Uh no.. come again. The blonde lacefront and the illusion of paper thin lips is imitation white woman to me, has nothing to do if whether she looks like her mom or not, and if you that is your idea of attractiveness then right on, but keep the lame stereotypical presumptions to yourself.

    • omfg

      has anyone ever heard beyonce refer to herself as black?

      i haven’t.

      but i have heard her refer to herself as creole.

      maybe that’s one reason why some question her blackness.

    • Bosslady

      omfg, I’m can’t remember if I heard Beyonce refer to herself as “black” but she has on many occasions has referred to herself as an African American women, and has stated how she feels honored to have been to first to accomplish many things as an African American women.

    • omfg

      okay well i stand corrected, i guess.

      although the creole thing makes me roll my eyes…

    • Anon

      Why would the term creole make you roll your eyes? Her mother’s family is from Louisiana, her father’s family is from Houston. That’s exactly where American creoles are from. It’s not like she’s making it up. And she never said that there was Cherokee Indian in her, which means that whatever Native heritage she has is probably legit too.

  • Rosey

    Because I don’t have constant access to Beyonce, I’m not convinced this picture purposely was altered to “make her look white”. Sometimes it just feels like y’all like complaining.

  • iQgraphics

    Beyonce has looked better (and blacker) being photographed in sweats walking down the streets of NYC. that picture above is PURPOSEFULLY unflattering.

    Regardless of how white washed the image is, its UGLY!

    Why are you going to choose a woman of color, then make her look bad?!
    That question is RHETORICAL.

    • I got sense!

      ^^^^^^Pretty much sums it up.

  • S.

    Why do we care so much though?

  • mamareese

    Wow did a Bey hater write this? SO the world loves her…good for her. She may not be the bomb to you but she’s the bomb to somebody. Tamar: Go getcha life! Really, this should be a platform for growth not some chick hating on the pretty and successful girl.

    • Hello there–

      Not sure how you got “Bey hater” out of what I wrote, especially considering I said she was beautiful & stunning and deserved to be honored years ago.

      My argument here is that People shouldn’t have used this horrible picture to tout her beauty when, as someone mentioned above, she looks better than this walking around the streets of NYC with Blue.

      Thanks for reading & responding!