The Hip Hop Cash Kings list is the Forbes annual list of top earning artists of the genre. Since rappers have never been the type to be modest, Forbes says that the list has been mentioned in 39 different rap songs since it was first published in 2007. This year marks only the second time a more exclusive list has been published — the Forbes Five, which measures the total net worth of the wealthiest players in the hip hop game. So who’s on it?

Diddy leads the pack with a net worth of $550 million, thanks to his media empire that includes Bad Boy Records, Ciroc Vodka, and Sean John and Enyce clothing lines.

Jay-Z is at #2 and the only member of the list who has earned money from touring recently, but his $460 million fortune is also supported by his stakes in Live Nation, The New Jersey Nets, and a slew of businesses including Carol’s Daughter and the 40/40 club franchise.

It’s been almost 15 years since Dr. Dre announced his upcoming album Detox (which is still inexplicably unreleased), but instead of putting out new songs, the rapper has been adding to his $270 million fortune with his interest in Beats Electronics (the makers of Beats by Dre headphones).

Birdman is at #4 with a net worth of $125 million mostly earned from Cash Money Records (naturally).

Rounding out the list of hip hop multimillionaires is 50 Cent at $110 million, who has parlayed his industry success into investments in Vitamin Water and his own video games and merchandising.

Who did you expect to see on this list?

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  • yeathatsme

    where is kanye?

    • iQgraphics

      making shoes like a cobbler

  • iQgraphics

    something bout diddy seems so skeevy and unsanitary
    greasy… used car salesman… toupee

    i hate to see his face.
    gives me the heeby geebies

  • @ iQgraphics

    I swear your comments need to be engraved on some kind of plaque! Classic.

    Great to see Diddy on the list again. I’ve been loving him long long time!

  • divinnalafeme

    what else is new they pay for they spots every year and the sky is blue.

  • Mr. Man


    Kanye / lil Wayne their money is still too new, but I can see them hitting past that 100M mark at some point at the rate they’re going, they are the sorts that think outside of the hip hip box. If you noticed the top 5 guys didn’t get that kind of money until they invested their money into ventures outside of the hip hop world i.e. sports / electronics / alcohol / fashion / vitamin products, you know other crap people can use and or enjoy everyday.