Rihanna walked the red carpet at the Toyko premiere of Battleship this week to bask in the glory of her first starring role in a feature film. People are talking because the singer turned actress did not wear an evening gown or even one of her usual skin-baring ensembles — she had on pajamas.

In the past few years folks’ standards of what is acceptable to wear in public have noticeably declined, and somehow straight up pajamas have become part of the mix. Every time I go to a mall or cross a college campus I see young ladies wearing pajama pants, usually with Ugg boots, as if pajama pants are actually clothing to leave the house in. This is something that I do not understand.

Granted, Rihanna wore a Fall 2012 Emilio Pucci frock that’s so trendy it’s almost futuristic, but she wore pajamas nonetheless. There’s an obvious chasm between a matching set of flannels with little sheep on them and Rihanna’s silky frock, and no one is accusing of her of rolling out of bed to attend the premiere.

However, not everyone has the cash or style to rock the trend this responsibly. I’m worried that the high fashion concept of this type of loungewear will trickle its way down to the racks of Target and have some of us out there walking the streets looking like we got lost on our way to pick up the morning paper.

What do you think of the pajama trend? Would you rock it?


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