NBC News is reporting that the FBI has begun a “parallel investigation” into the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin who was murdered February 26, just a few yards from his father’s home in Sanford, FL.

The teen, who was killed by 28-year-old George Zimmerman, was returning home from a local convenience store and was unarmed when he was killed. Since his death, millions have taken up his case and thousands have rallied at protests from Los Angeles and New York, to Sanford and London to continue to pressure law enforcement officials to arrest and prosecute Zimmerman for Martin’s death.

Martin’s parents claim police completely mishandled the case and have asked Federal officials to look into Sanford PD’s investigation. Monday, the FBI began their own investigation reportedly going door to door throughout the gated community and questioning witnesses.

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This news comes on the heels new developments uncovered about that fateful night. Although Zimmerman claims he was being viciously beaten by Martin, new reports indicate that police canceled an ambulance they called for Zimmerman before it arrived at the scene. Also, two forensic audio experts who have analyzed the 911 tapes concluded that the screaming voice was not Zimmerman’s at all.

Despite the grand jury gearing up to conviene on April 10, this new information continues to fuel calls for Zimmerman’s arrest.

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  • Ed C.

    This is the injustice of our time. I am so outraged that George Zimmerman has not been arrested by the Sanford PD–and the state of Florida. If no real justice is served in the reprehensible and senseless killing of an innocent kid–I personally will lose all faith in our so-called justice system–that is already dangling by a slender thread. Casey Anthony walked for murdering her child–so did police officer Pena in NYC for raping a woman where eyewitnesses testified. Until this savage goon is placed under arrest and this is rightfully brought to trial–this nation will be in unrest. To quote Dr. King: “when justice is lost anywhere, it is lost everywhere”. If the murderer was named Trayvon and the victim was George–you can bet that person who shot and killed, would be behind bars awaiting a trial date. This is all about justice vs. injustice–and if we are the decent nation we claim to be we will see to it that this man is cuffed–arrested and brought to a court of law.