This season’s nail polishes are perfect for any occasion whether you are painting your nails for work or play. It is always hard to narrow it down numerous amounts of great nail polish colors to a small list. But, we did it!

Here are the top five polish colors we think you should be inspired to try during the spring and summer months:

Pastels: Mint Green

Pastel hues are a major nail color trend this spring. The sophisticated pastel color palette creates a high fashion look. Out of all of the pastels, mint green is leading the pack. The color is very playful and can be worn by women of all ages. You want to look for green polishes with creamy undertones and lots of opacity to make your nails stand out.

Foundation of Nudes

Beige has been a rising nail color for a few seasons now. Applying nude colored nail polish can give off the appearance of longer fingers. You want to choose a shade that isn’t too close to your skin tone to avoid having alien like hands.

Neons: Hot Pink

Nothing says girly like the color pink. Hot pink is great way to try a modern interpretation of the neon trend. The bold shade of pink is sexy and feminine. There are many versions of hot pink including contrasting glitter, pearl like undertones, and edgy opaques.

The New Black is Blue

There are so many shades of blue you can choose from this spring. From baby blue to turquoise to navy, blue is becoming a new neutral nail color to wear.

Color of 2012: Orange

The year’s color is orange. It comes in muted hues to bright corals. The offbeat and retro hue of orange is the must have nail polish color.

What is your favorite spring nail polish color?

– Paulette Wilson

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