39111Jheri curls are synonymous with the ‘70s but they were also pretty popular into the next decade as well, and if some of us ‘80s babies are being honest, we either just missed the chance to get in on this throwback trend or we were proudly a part of it.

I never had a jheri, juice dripping down my neck, forehead shining curl, but I did try to get one, for one day at least. I had an older cousin with a curl who was always trying hairstyles on me and one day she put some of the activator gel on my ponytail which made it curl up a bit. Somehow I convinced her to let me take the product home with me and that’s when I started experimenting and drenched my hair with so much activator gel, spritz, and who knows what else that it was so hard and flakey no juice could even drip from it.

My older cousin was picking me up to take me over her house that day and I’m not exactly sure where the detour happened, all I know is that by the time she brought me back home in a few hours my hair had been washed, blow-dried, greased, and pressed, and I never tried the at-home jheri curl look again—which is probably a good thing. Since I told you my embarrassing story, you can share yours.

Be honest. Did you ever (try to) wear a Jheri Curl?

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  • Bronze

    Mark my words: the Jheri Curl is coming back. They may call it by another name but it is coming back.

    What people don’t understand is that curls were not monolithlic. Different products gave you a certain texture and size.

    Now. I had 3. The first was the Stay So Soft Curl. Hated it. The postal worker who applied it was living out his dream of being a hair stylist. My hair eneded up looking like a big frizz bowl.

    The second curl I had was tight. The Care Free Curl. This curl gave me big wavy curls/like those mexican chicks with the wet and wavy texture. I had this for 2 years before I switched over to……THE HAWIAN CURL………

    By this time I was 13 and Shelia E. came out with ‘the Glamorous Life’ So I ran out and bought some blond dye and dyed the front of my hair. Like El Debarge.

    You youngins make fun of the Jheri curl but those were exciting times back then. Like MTV and BET…you never seen anything like that b4. The curl gave hope to thousands of black people who could never grown their hair past their ears hope. For the first time their hair was down to their shoulders. Think about it…for the first time in known history..black people were contantly mouisterizing their hair on a daily basis. The spray gave way to the gels which were off the hook. World of Curls, Luster Silk, Carefree…on and on…..it was fun.

    It would be nice if a movie was made about the BLACK WOMAN who actually invented the curl but the white guy she told…Jher..stole the idea…marketed it and made a fortune off a black woman invention that changed the world.

  • Bridget

    Yes, I did, in high school. They were really big down South;some folks are STILL wearing jheri curls.

  • oh man my older sister had one. I always wondered why her hair looked like that, until I saw Coming to America. lol

  • insight

    My worst nightmare. I had it from 6 or 7th grade until sophomore yr in highschool. Worst years of my life.

  • Tonia

    I was a teen during its heyday in the early 80s…never had one.