When you think about a toe job, a pedicure is the typical thing that comes to mind but there’s a more drastic orthopedic procedure many women are undergoing to make sure their feet look great in heels.

“Toe jobs” or even “foot facelifts” as some call them involve narrowing the foot to better fit high heels; shortening the second toe so it’s not longer than the big toe; and making the little toe shorter and skinnier to accommodate skyscraper heels which have become the in thing thanks to celebs like Beyonce, Ciara, and Nene Leakes who we see effortlessly strutting around in them on a daily basis. But docs have warned against these drastic measures, noting risks like infections, pain, scarring and nerve damage that can come from simply wanting to rock five inches or more on a daily but most stiletto fiends aren’t hearing it.

Some women are opting for less invasive cosmetic procedures like filling. For a little less than $500 doctors will inject collagen into the toes, balls, and heels of women’s feet to prevent that painful burning sensation that creeps up on you after you’ve been standing in pumps for too long. This method is pretty painless and lasts up to six months and apparently is pretty effective. The Daily Mail notes that requests for this procedure have increased 21%, doubling last year’s rate.

We know women will often endure a little pain all in the name of beauty (hello waxing!)  or even go under the knife to correct a physical flaw (nose jobs anyone?) but it appears to be becoming more and more common to go to far more drastic measures just to put on a pair of six-inch strappys and show ‘em what you got. These ladies are giving the idea of a killer shoe game a whole new meaning.

Would you have cosmetic surgery to fit into stilettos?


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  • Jeniphyer

    I have pretty big feet, and all the stylish shoes dont come in my size, which makes it such a hassle to go shoe shopping, if there was a cosmetic surgery that allowed my feet to at least go down one size, I’d do it in a heartbeat, not for the chance to rock 7 inch heels or anything but more to be able to buy cute shoes period

  • Bronze

    Why can’t they just make shoes that fit women’s feet? And..OMG BECKY!!!!!!!!! Those Shoes……those shoes are sent from heaven @ Saks 5th Avenue. Jesus please…please give me those shoes.

    • binks

      Thank you! I don’t know why designers think women’s feet stop at a size 9, I wear a size 12 and it is hard to find cute shoes especially heels :( but I wouldn’t do anything drastic as foot procedures I just live with it…shrugs

  • OSHH

    Honey I had a bunion removed. Bunions are hereditary but the way and chile the ordeal I went through with that: operated on twice within a month, 4 months to heal, everyday cleaning the wound with saline sloution and changing dressing( my nerves were shot), had to use oxygen therapy, driving with my left foot, scarring, couldn’t work out but I lost weight, had to wear that blue medical shoe for months etc makes me happy for bunion I have on my other foot for life.

    • Bronze

      Damn homegirl. The way you describe the wound I would have thought you fought in the war or something.