After seeing “YOLO” pop up on Twitter and Facebook for months, I finally decided to Google it (don’t judge me), and found out that it wasn’t a drink (like I thought), but an acronym for “You Only Live Once.”

I’ve seen YOLO on tweets about partying till dawn, taking last-minute trips, and doing all sorts of questionable activities, so when comedian Franchesca Ramsey, creative mind behind Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls, decided to take on the down side of the phrase, I knew it would be a good one.

So what happens when YOLO goes terribly wrong?

Peep the clip and tell us what you think!

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  • Dreaming

    YOLO has become popular because of the mindless rap fans who have made it so.

    • Dreaming

      Ahahaha. I did chuckle at that. But um, she was totally holding that Wii controller the wrong way.

    • actually that’s how you hold the wii-mote for most racing games :)

    • Dreaming

      Lol. Oh, my bad.

      I have a Xbox and PS3, and the way you were tapping on the controller reminded of when people fake play using those controllers.

  • Alexandra

    Very funny. I love her skits.
    I kept seeing this yolo stuff on Tumblr last month…

  • chanela

    it is sooooo funny because my english teacher told me a lonnnggg time ago that men (in one of those old centuries) used to use the term “carpe diem- seize the day” to convince young girls to lose their virginity and not make them wait. aha

    now the new phrase to excuse stupidity is YOLO aha

    btw everybody and theri mama has been getting yolo tattoos lately. SMH

    • that’s pretty funny! maybe i need to do a “YOLO” throughout history lol

  • SxyDread

    LMAO!!!! she is hilarious!!

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