Gabrielle Union stopped by Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show last night to talk about her upcoming film Think Like A Man, and during her appearance, Gabby dropped some interesting tidbits about her life with NBA baller Dwyane Wade.

When Conan asked Gabby if she acts like a demure, supportive girlfriend while her beau battles on the hardwood, she let it be known that she goes hard for (and sometimes against) her man, often heckling other plays and referees alike.

Although the pair is totally in love and have been together for a few years, Gabby and D-Wade are nearly 10 years apart in age, and according to Union, he doesn’t always get her pop culture references.

When the couple was invited to an ’80s party last year, Gabby said she found out that D-Wade had no clue about some of her most important 80s influences like John Hughes films and the group Bananarama.

Can you relate to Gabrielle Union’s struggle to overcome the age gap in a relationship? 

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  • Dreaming

    Naw, can’t relate.

  • i can certainly relate since my hubby is a bit younger (almost 4 yrs) and from a different country. i’m all about nostalgia so it gets frustrating. plus, he was never into pop culture. le sigh…still love ’em, though. lol

  • TT

    yep. my husband is 11 years younger than me and while we were dating the age difference did not seem to be a big deal. When it came to pop culture, the age difference was definately noticeable but funny to us. Now that we are married, I would have to say the age difference is obvious to us now that the rose colored glassed have come off.