George Zimmerman, the man who killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, made his first appearance in court Thursday afternoon 45 days after killing the unarmed teen.

Zimmerman, who is facing Second Degree Murder charges, was bound over for a formal arraignment hearing on May 29. The presiding judge at this brief hearing found enough probable cause to support the current charge.

Although legal experts expected Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara to ask for bond at today’s hearing, he did not, meaning the 28-year-old man will remain in custody until a possible bond hearing at a later date.

Next up for Zimmerman is a formal arraignment and an additional hearing to see whether to not Zimmerman’s self-defense claim is enough to dismiss or sustain the Second Degree Murder charge.

Wednesday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg hosted a press conference to announce an initiative to fight the spread of the controversial Stand Your Ground law. The campaign, which is also backed by the NAACP and National Urban League, aims to repeal and/or reform the laws currently in place in 23 states.

Many blame Florida’s Stand Your Ground law for being complicit in Trayvon Martin’s death, and perhaps this tragedy will affect real change in many of our nation’s gun laws.

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  • mamareese

    I just hope we let the justice system do it’s job. Folks are already preparing for a race war (black panthers)….this doesn’t have to be this way no matter what the outcome is. The only thing they are going to lead us to is more bloodshed and more trials. This is a cut and dry matter of did this man really act in self defense. It does not matter what color the parties are this is a matter of a Florida law and was this law violated…if so off to jail. Justice for Trayvon Martin should not include rioting and killing…you’re only covering his death with hate and more violence. A history will be written with these scars as well. We are a spiritual people and where two or more meet and argee a convenant is formed. So pray, focus your positive energy, meditate or whatever you believe in that the right thing is done…and justice will be served for this boy.

  • Miss J