George Zimmerman’s now defunct website, The Real George Zimmerman, reportedly raised a whopping $200,000 while it was on the web, but his attorney just learned about the money on Wednesday.

Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s lawyer, told Anderson Cooper that he’d recently learned of the money from the website and that he’ll be informing the presiding judge about Zimmerman’s cash. O’Mara also admitted that had the judge known about the $200,000 Zimmerman raised, he would have likely set a higher bond amount than the $150,000 that was required to secure his release.

Zimmerman was arrested two weeks ago and charged with Second Degree Murder stemming from the February 26 killing of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old unarmed teen.

Zimmerman was released from jail on bond earlier this week, but according to the Associate Press, Florida Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester has requested more information about the money and may be reconsidering a higher bond amount.

Although Zimmerman’s website has come down, O’Mara told the AP the family will be starting two more sites requesting donations to help with Zimmerman’s mounting legal fees.

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  • Dalili

    Am surprised the amount wasn’t higher. The comment section on most of the articles I read regarding this case made it very clear he had plenty of support.

    • scoooby dooby doo, I see you!! la la la la la la…….sistooo *peekaboo*

    • Dalili

      **giggling and waving furiously** Hola My Dear! :-)

    • *being silly, hiding and waving more furiously than you at the same time*

      Wish you a great and blessed weekend!!!!!!!!

      (You know we are related for real-well at least in my head, you are my older sis!)

    • Dalili

      Awwww…. I am your older sis….I got ya back!

      Have a fantastic weekend as well..don’t get into too much trouble! :-)

  • Mr Jay

    We naively fool ourselves about the nature of this country.

  • wb

    george zimmerman broke what crime? as neighborhood watch he had a right to be where he was. trayvon martin did not have to attack him. he could have walked away. he chose to attack zimmerman and got himself shot. stand your ground law says you no longer have to retreat if you are attacked. maybe zimmerman should have walked away. but one thing is for sure, martin got his ass shot because he made the mistake of attacking an armed citizen, who had a permit, thus every right to own a firearm. under stand your ground he had the right to defend himself. zimmerman will go free, as trayvon background and his e-mail accounts, clearly show this guy was a wannabe gangbanger with motive. my advice to blacks is let this go. whites are on edge right now and are buying up hundreds of thousands of firearms. push us too far this time and you might not like the result.