Ombre is the buzz trend this year, and though it’s mostly talked about when it comes to hair, there are plenty other places where this style is popping up. Check out this list of our favorite ways to get in on this hot look and tell us which ones you’ve tried.


Celebrities have fallen in love with ombre hair coloring, which basically means your hair gradually gets lighter from the roots to the ends. Any color works with this style; you can start with black and transition to light brown, or you can go extreme with dark hair at the crown that gradually blends into a light blonde hue. You can even go the Azealia Banks route and do purple shades all over your head. The celebs who’ve worked this trend the best have stuck with the same color family but just lightened the shade a bit along the way, and if you’re trying this look on your own hair as opposed to a weave, you’ll probably want to do the same to avoid stressing your ends too much in the bleaching and color-lifting process. Another plus to looking trendy with this style is you won’t require a touch-up nearly as often since new growth will match the hair at the crown of your head.

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