Are you are looking to  slough a layer of dead skin to make your complexion smooth and soft for next season? You can always head to the store and pick up a body scrub but chances are you have some ingredients right in your pantry that will do the job just as well without spending any extra cash.

Check out these recipes to make your skin kissably soft.

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  • Bronze

    Wow!! These are some really cool mixtures. I will try them all. but I’m not understanding what the baking soda does. How does it exfoilate.

  • Baby Gurl

    Wow these sound like really cool ideas, I have used the baking soda exfoliate before and liked it. How often should you efoliate?

    • FelicityR

      2 to 3 times a week is good if you’re exfoliating properly… Also, try to avoid exfoliating your face while on your menstrual cycle. Your skin builds up extra sebum around that time and it could result in break outs.