When you think of work wear attire, garments like suit jackets, dressed pants, and pencil skirts are common choices. It’s time to change the reputation of the pencil skirt from office appropriate to a trendy option.

Pencil skirts can be as versatile as any other business attire clothing. We have a five ways to make a pencil skirt look fly and stylish beyond the typical office setting.

Layer with Color

Pencil skirts are available in various prints, and colors. Try color blocking with a pencil skirt. You can wear a neon pink skirt with a purple top. Take it to another level by adding a belt in complementary color to define your waist.

Wear It with a Cropped Top

If you are going to wear a knee length classic skirt on the bottom, you should spice it up with a cropped top. Whether you decide to pick a bustier top, cropped top, or a knotted blouse, you will master a balanced modern, chic look.

Make Your Top Stand Out

The key to wearing a pencil skirt outside the office is to pair the skirt with tops you can’t really wear at work. One option is pairing a simple black pencil skirt with a vintage top. A touch of something old and new is always a winning combination. Another option is to pair the skirt with a shimmery top for a night out on the town.

Play Pee-a-Boo at the A Hem

Don’t under estimate the power of a dressy trench coat. When you pair a simple top and a pencil skirt underneath a trench coat, you get an illusion of longer hem and it looks very classy.

Every once in a while, grab a pencil skirt for the weekend and go out in style.

– Paulette Wilson

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