If you listen to the rumors swirling around Will and Jada Pinket-Smith’s marriage, the couple is headed for divorce court. This newest bit of info leaked from a “source” claims Will’s BFF Duane Martin is coming between the Smiths.

Since the couple shot to superstardom, rumors have been circulating about them being gay. Why? I don’t know, but it seems like the whispers that Will has a man is back on the scene. The other day I saw a supermarket tabloid talk about a “mystery man” coming between the couple. When I looked closer, I saw it was fellow actor Duane Martin. The two couples—Will and Jada and Tisha Campbell and Duane—have been friends for years, but apparently others are starting to pick up the story.

Celebs.Gather reports:

“Although there is no evidence, concrete or otherwise, that Smith’s relationship with Martin is gay or bisexual, Jada is upset because she recently discovered that Will has a “singles pad.” Although Jada never knew about it, it seems the 2 BFFs hang out there a lot. Whether Martin’s wife Tisha Campbell knows about Smith’s home away from home is unknown. Although one would think La Campbell would wonder where her husband is when he’s not with her. Ah, the marital spinning wheel goes spinning round in a truly dizzying fashion.”

While these rumors are certainly not fact (and I don’t give them much sway), they did make me think.

Often times women get worried when their man is hanging with his friends a little too much. Perhaps it’s because she’s upset he’s not spending enough time with her, or perhaps she’s worried he may stray because of his friends’ influence, whatever the case, we’ve seen this play out before.

Although I doubt it’ll prove to be the demise of Will and Jada’s marriage, but being upset about your boo’s bromance is real for many women. And how you handle it can make or break your relationship.

What do you think? Is there a point when your partner can hang with his friends too much? How would you handle it?

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