Janet Jackson is showing off her new Nutrisystem body to America in an effort to continue promoting the weight loss system. The new commercial features the “after” results of Janet’s adherence to the diet, which consists of pre-packaged meals and fresh foods added in by its followers.

The campaign, which began late last year, featured Janet admitting that she’d failed at maintaining her famous figure. At the time she claimed that Nutrisystem helped keep her on track to losing ten pounds so far and would help her lose the rest. Now, many months later, she’s noticeably thinner and is, of course, crediting the plan for her progress. From USA Today:

“I’m not viewing this as a diet,” she told USA TODAY’s Nanci Hellmich at the time. “I’m not putting a number on it. I don’t look at the scale. I’m going about it in a different way this time.” She doesn’t need to lose “a great amount,” she said, adding that she would stop “when I feel good about it.”

But Is anyone convinced that Janet is actually using Nutrisystem to lose weight? Not to be a total cynic, but it’s hard to believe that anyone that wealthy who has had such a public struggle with her weight would do anything but hire professionals to give her the one-on-one attention that we all dream of when it comes to the battle of the bulge. Nutrisystem may work just fine, but does her endorsement ring true? Take a look at the new commercial and weigh in:

What do you think?

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  • omfg

    my understanding is that she’s doing this as sort of a service. i don’t think this is about the payday – she doesn’t need the money.

    but, i cringe a bit because i imagine jj has the money to hire personal chefs and nutritionists and build a home gym. hell, should could probably hire someone to carry her to a gym. i don’t have money; just a regular person and i wouldn’t eat nutrisystem stuff because i believe in consuming whole real food.

    it also seems like whenever she’s about to come out with some sort of new cd or something, a big deal is always made about how she had to lose a bunch of weight to come back into the public eye.

    don’t get her weight fluctuations.

    but, imo, these diet programs probably want black women to be spokespeople to attract black women’s dollars. they know the demographics and know many of us are overweight or obese. nutrisystem had a black woman as a spokesperson on qvc where they also sell their products.

    if seeing jj up there promoting a healthy lifestyle helps move other black women to live healthier, i’m all for it. there aren’t really all that many negatives here from that perspective.

  • Tameko P

    This is all a hustle to get black women’s money. No way would I believe for one minute that Janet uses that crap. With her money, she should already have a trainer and chef to help her with her weight issues. I know I would hire someone to get my ass out of bed to workout every day and to cook healthy food for me in a heartbeat!

  • I don’t believe she uses that stuff and I don’t think the majority of the public believes it either. I just think these weight loss brands are trying to find ways to compete with Jennifer Hudson and Weight Watchers (i.e. Mariah Carey and Charles Barkley also endorsing companies).

    Janet looks really pretty though!

    • Velma

      I agree.

  • Anon

    Cynical aren’t we? Just because she’s wealthy doesn’t mean she can’t used Nutrisystem and I wouldn’t say it’s a ploy to get black women’s money. My theory is, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. At the end of the day, it’s just a commercial. *shrugs*

  • ImSold :-)

    …hmmm, maybe – in using NutriSystem – she’s attempting to put those ideas to rest; no chef, probably a trainer – let’s see how this works…I think she looks amazing! I’m sold (especially @ 40% off + my company’s corporate discount on top of that..)! What’ve I got to lose – except 25 lbs…of which 15 is the same 15 I lose every year, anyway :-(
    Wish me luck ;-) !