Kerry Washington is gearing up for the debut of her ABC primetime show, Scandal, and the press is eating it up.

In the show, Washington plays Olivia Pope, a D.C. crisis-management expert whose clients are some of the city’s most prominent residents. In Scandal, she’s tough, fearless, and great at her job.

This month Vanity Fair rolled out its TV issue, and features Washington in the spread along side Emily Vancamp of Revenge; The Good Wife’s Julianna Margulies; Downtown Abbey star Michelle Dockery; Modern Family’s Sophia Vegara; Emily Rossum of Shameless; Homeland’s Claire Danes; Kat Dennings of Two Broke Girls; and a few others.

While it’s great that Washington was included in the spread, the cover shot left me wondering why she wasn’t featured there as well (and not even after the fold–you know how Vanity Fair does it).

Kerry Washington is the only black woman to anchor a network show this season. Not only that, her show is the first to have a black lead, a black show runner (Shonda Rhimes), and be based on a real-life black woman (Judy Smith). Based on that alone (and not to mention she’s talented), Washington deserved a spot on the very pale cover.

But I guess this is just another example of Hollywood welcoming black actors into the fold, but keeping them on the fringes.

What do you think?

*Scandal premires April 5 at 10pm on ABC

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  • quan brooks

    Never purchased and issue and i am an avid magazine subscriber. Never think I will purchase one because of these type of issues. I want to see more about all the beautiful, successful, talented, fabulous african american actors, actresses, models and such whom are blazing amazing paths thru the grime of glass and concrete ceilings that exist still. She is awesome and deserves the cover and a full spread and story. I will eagerly be awaiting Scandal and already have dvr set. So regardless of VF I am a fan and will look for her wherever she appears. They missed opportunity to sell more mags to a diff audience. oh well for them! ha ha

  • I’ve been reading Vanity Fair since I was 13 years old, because beyond the cover fluff, the writing is good! But I’m not surprised she didn’t make the cover because few Blacks make the cover, nonetheless it is a good move for Kerry Washington’s career.

  • reye

    First, It will be breaking news when Vanity Fair puts a Black,Latina, Asian, or South Asian woman on the cover together and they don’t air brush them to like dark skinned white women! We know that will not happen.

    Second, shouldn’t Archie Panjabi be upset? I know we over look other people of color but, a funny side note about the “Cover girls”. Julianna Margulies is on a hit show yes…but her supporting actress Archie Panjabi blew her off the screen the first year which is why she won a golden globe and she didn’t. The writers subsequently down played her story lines in the next seasons and Margulies won a golden globe later, but Panjabi still did her thing and is a huge reason the show is a success; why are they not on the cover together? She won an award for the “hit” show first I wouldn’t mind having an actual brown ethnic woman on the cover either. All that to say Hollywood and America do have color issues… which is why Essence, Ebony, this blog and others like it exist.