Earlier this week we told you about an “interesting” message comedian Kevin Hart had for black women, but recently the Think Like A Man Star says he has nothing but love for sistas and the offensive comic strip has nothing to do with him.

Hart took to Twitter and Facebook to address the comic strip that depicted black women dissing a nerdy looking black man, but hating on him later on when he became successful and chose to a woman woman. The cartoon caused a stir among many because it dabbled in the worst stereotypes about black women.

But Kevin Hart is right, he didn’t create the cartoon. It has been circulating on the web for a few months now (I’ve seen it and dismissed its ridiculousness). However, the comedian apparently posted the comic strip to his Facebook page along with the message FIx yA Face” (but later deleted it), causing many to wonder why a man of his stature would take shots at black women, some of his most ardent supporters. 

Let’s hope this was a terrible lapse in judgment or a misunderstanding, and the next time Kevin Hart, or any other celeb, thinks it’s a good idea to share something offensive, they’ll keep it to themselves.

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  • Martha

    Am I the only person who realizes and know that all celebrities have publicist, schedulers, bookers, representatives, etc. to help represent them? A celebrity could only do so much at the end of the day… they live to entertain, and sometimes they cannot revise and approve everything goes on for them. Think of it this way, a corporation have management levels, so does a celebrity… if you call to talk to them.. you don’t just go straight to them and talk to them…you talk to different levels of representative first before reaching HIM/HER. I can’t say this all happens to celebrities, but most celebrities have their publicist run their Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter page… they do look at it…but sometimes its not always all them tweeting! I know, I know… the wordings and abbr. are all the same… their representive have to learn how type and talk like them to keep the fans!