Earlier this week we told you about an “interesting” message comedian Kevin Hart had for black women, but recently the Think Like A Man Star says he has nothing but love for sistas and the offensive comic strip has nothing to do with him.

Hart took to Twitter and Facebook to address the comic strip that depicted black women dissing a nerdy looking black man, but hating on him later on when he became successful and chose to a woman woman. The cartoon caused a stir among many because it dabbled in the worst stereotypes about black women.

But Kevin Hart is right, he didn’t create the cartoon. It has been circulating on the web for a few months now (I’ve seen it and dismissed its ridiculousness). However, the comedian apparently posted the comic strip to his Facebook page along with the message FIx yA Face” (but later deleted it), causing many to wonder why a man of his stature would take shots at black women, some of his most ardent supporters. 

Let’s hope this was a terrible lapse in judgment or a misunderstanding, and the next time Kevin Hart, or any other celeb, thinks it’s a good idea to share something offensive, they’ll keep it to themselves.

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  • La, California Dreaming (Ocean Blue)

    More than likely this WASN’T a lapse in judgement or misunderstanding. We cannot make excuses for celebrities when they show us who they are really.

    • Anon

      I sense the author of this post is… thirsty. ‘Cause ain’t NO EXCUSE for this mess.

    • LMO85

      This lil midget ninja is just trying to save face before that trash movie comes out. F U K K him.

  • LadyT

    Liar……it was posted on his facebook account and co-signed by him. Also why don’t he answer why he posted those vile comments about dark skinned sistas. …..” light skin girls have credit, dark skin girls are broke…..hoes or something in that effect.

    • golden_girl


      I wish we had the power to ruin these ignent niglets.

    • We do have the power. I have a post up on my blog about calling Ford and telling them that we as black women won’t buy a car from a company that uses pitchmen who disseminate hate speech against black women. I don’t know if it’s Ford, or Sony Pictures eho’s got him by thevshort hairs. Either way, we’re winning and it’s crucial to keep up the heat. I want these jackasses to think twice before they spew such foulness against us. No other group tolerates this foolishness. If he’d made derogatory comments against gays GLAAD would’ve been all over it. There is no reason for us to tolerate it either.

    • Donald K Sumner


      I wish we had the power to ruin these heightist b**** mammies…

  • Toppin

    “causing many to wonder why a man of his stature”

    *Blank stare* What stature is that? We’re talking about the same ninja that stared in Soul Plane!

    Someone posted this online from his twitter account….


    Someone needs to forward the above link to him and see what he has to say…..

    • Alyssa

      I think she meant his short stature. lol. Alright, I’m sorry that was uncalled for. I don’t really seeing him having nay stature. I guess his celebrity?

    • Alyssa

      *I don’t really see him having any stature.


      I just forwarded it to him on twitter smh, his kids are dark skinned so that’s really a shame. Women of ALL colors pay to see him, so ignorant comments like that are never okay.

    • Donald K Sumner


      …and you have ZERO beauty…

  • Alexandra

    Even though I never attacked his physical appearance like many others did, he has said something offensive about Black women. Maybe it is ”love”, depending on what side of the color spectrum you fall on….meh…

  • Yb

    ………has nothing to do with the offensive cartoon but everything to do with colorist tweets bashing women who share the same skin tone as his.

    I will never understand how colorist can bash some who share the same skin tone as then, then apply gender to it to make them seem less self hating.

    • Leo the Yardie Chick

      Apparently, he forgets that he has a dark-skinned daughter. Nice example you’re setting for the little one there, Sir.

      Other than that, I’m just here to watch the fireworks. He really put his foot in it this time.