Latavia Roberson was one of the original members of Destiny’s Child, but left the group along with Letoya Luckett after a fall out with manager Matthew Knowles. She recently did an interview where she discussed (once again) the fall out of the group and that she believes the group would still be together if it wasn’t for Mr. Knowles. She has referred to him often as Joe Jackson in terms of how he managed the group. I understand the girl is a bit salty about how things went down, but after 10 years isn’t it time for her to let it go?

It might be due to her seeing the success of all other three original members of the group and feeling down about her own career, but it appears that she continues to live in the past. She is still doing interviews about what happened years ago instead of discussing new projects that she is working on. She is the only member who still talks about the break-up. I applaud Letoya Luckett for actually using the fame she received from being in the group and launching her own solo career. She may not be at the level that Beyonce and Kelly Rowland are at, but she is still living her dreams and has some solid singles under her belt.

Below are snippets from an interview Roberson did with Kempire Radio. Aside from the Destiny’s Child drama, she also touches on how she no longer runs to alcohol to cure her of any sadness or depression that she feels. I hope she can move past her DC days and start talking about something else.




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