Since the economy tanked there’s been a big push to buy American but trying to find clothing brands that are made right here in the USA can suck all the fun out of shopping. Luckily California girl Noelle Nguyen heard the cries of socially conscious fashionistas everywhere and created a site to sell clothes from American brands all in one place.

www.americanloveaffaironline.com sells domestically crafted garments and accessories that Noelle and her team of eight have selected from searching various sources throughout the Los Angeles Fashion District, the Internet, and trade shows. The way her site works is once a source is found, a buyer contacts the apparel maker and a test order is placed to see how the product performs. Nguyen buys much of her own merchandise and uses a third-party logistics provider to store her inventory and ship it off as soon as possible. Vendors highlighted on her website include Fifteen-Twenty, Fluxus, Division E, Tees by Tina, and Michael Lauren.

Noelle’s goal is to make the site the “Amazon.com for everything made in the USA,” and after two years of planning and five months of searching for items to kick-start the site, her idea finally launched less than a month ago. With interest in buying domestic fashions at an all-time high it shouldn’t be long before she achieves that goal.

Do you try to buy American-made clothes?

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  • Minnie

    LOVE to hear about this; i’ll definitely be checking out this site.

  • Courtney

    I try to buy American made when I can. I really like sites like Etsy where I can find a lot of handmade items. Sure it MAY be more expensive than going to stores like Forever 21 but I know I am supporting someone who worked hard on the garment and put a lot of time and love into it. That isn’t to say the poorly paid people often in Asian countries didn’t work hard but I have a better conscience supporting someone on Etsy than say a big conglomerate like Forever 21.
    I will say though that Forever 21 does have some items that are made in the USA, you just have to look on the product info.

  • http://www.MadeInAmericaStore.com

    New styles definitely need to hit the shelves, its terrible how most American Made clothing brands are dull and lack style. This is a good push.

  • I just recently bought some high quality jeans from American Love Affair Online.  I’m very surprise to find all their products is made in the USA.  They have many Womens Top & dresses, designer handbags and body jewelry, and of course Mens top and most popular mens jeans.