Yesterday, news broke that actress Meagan Good is engaged to industry big wig, Columbia Pictures executive DeVon Franklin*.

While I certainly didn’t see that one coming (the couple has been keeping a very low profile), I’m happy for the pair, who reportedly starting dating after Good starred in Jumping the Broom, a film Franklin produced.

Although many showered the couple with kind words, some took the opportunity to question Good’s fashion choices and acting roles considering she’s about to marry Franklin, who’s also a Seventh Day Adventist minister.

I find it odd that instead of being happy for the couple (a successful, black one at that), many picked this opportunity question whether or not Good was fit for the role of “preacher’s wife,” despite knowing little about her personal life or beliefs.

As an actress, it’s her job to act–to make people believe she is whatever role she’s playing. But should this matter in her personal life? Do people question Denzel’s walk with God even though he King Konged his way through Training Day?

Should Meagan Good’s roles be affected by her decision to wed a minister (and, let’s not forget, film executive)? 

Speak on it folks! 

*Note: DeVon Franklin and I went to college together and socialized in the same circles. He’s a good dude.

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  • HoneyDew

    Why does everyone have their panties in a bunch? The girl does not work in porn, she is an actress for gosh sake!!! Getoveritcauseitaintthatdeep.com!!!!!!!! Congrats to the happy couple!!!!!

    • pink

      Honeydew: I know. Some folks are trippin’!! Especially the so-called devout christians.

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  • Angie

    Is the public marrying Megan or DeVon? Oh, right DeVon is! Folks need to mind their own f&*$%*g business! In the words on Tamar Braxton “Get yo life”

    • pink

      Angie: I agree 4000 percent!! Folks should mind their business. Plus (Most) women wish they had a husband; christian, or otherwise

  • As a minister I’m sure he prayed on his decision to marry Meagan. If God is alright with it. I am too.

    the Super Sistah

  • Myown

    It’s sad, but I can’t judge all I can see is two people who say they r Christian but don’t really pronounce what it means to be one. God will be their judge. All I can say is take me to the altar!! Lol also this goes back to the saying about how these preachers like the classy but flashy mixed with sexy women. That man knows exactly what he is doing!! Baby if there is another one that look like u but who loves Jesus for real then please come holla!! I want a fine fine man like that!!! Yum!! But on the serious note: Men pick women who YOU KNOW will be good wives, not JUST some beauty queen. The beauty fades away but one who praises the Lord will receive praise! The virtuous woman always beats out the others!! mM but boy is that man FINE!!