Yesterday, news broke that actress Meagan Good is engaged to industry big wig, Columbia Pictures executive DeVon Franklin*.

While I certainly didn’t see that one coming (the couple has been keeping a very low profile), I’m happy for the pair, who reportedly starting dating after Good starred in Jumping the Broom, a film Franklin produced.

Although many showered the couple with kind words, some took the opportunity to question Good’s fashion choices and acting roles considering she’s about to marry Franklin, who’s also a Seventh Day Adventist minister.

I find it odd that instead of being happy for the couple (a successful, black one at that), many picked this opportunity question whether or not Good was fit for the role of “preacher’s wife,” despite knowing little about her personal life or beliefs.

As an actress, it’s her job to act–to make people believe she is whatever role she’s playing. But should this matter in her personal life? Do people question Denzel’s walk with God even though he King Konged his way through Training Day?

Should Meagan Good’s roles be affected by her decision to wed a minister (and, let’s not forget, film executive)? 

Speak on it folks! 

*Note: DeVon Franklin and I went to college together and socialized in the same circles. He’s a good dude.

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  • Kissa

    awwww..Congrats to them both..:-)

  • QoNewC

    What happened to that football player? In any event she can pull off a pair of leggings.

  • QoNewC

    Actually she can pull off anything.

  • twee

    Every Christian has the responsibility to do as God instructs and it will have an impact on what you do personally and professionally. What you choose to do professionally that is without even getting into any right or wrongs with Megan. And the Pastor is the one called to a higher standard over the entire flock, and will be judged most harshly so the finger is pointed to him on a greater level than to Megan because of his responsibility. If these are Christians talking the question should be is this man choosing a wife based on what’s required biblically.

    AND is he even a Pastor based on what’s required biblically? People in this society take Christianity at face value vs the God we believe in and what He has to say about these things.

    • ms_micia

      You better preach!!

  • lostluv224

    That man is FINE. and im happy for her. wherever love lies.