Yesterday, news broke that actress Meagan Good is engaged to industry big wig, Columbia Pictures executive DeVon Franklin*.

While I certainly didn’t see that one coming (the couple has been keeping a very low profile), I’m happy for the pair, who reportedly starting dating after Good starred in Jumping the Broom, a film Franklin produced.

Although many showered the couple with kind words, some took the opportunity to question Good’s fashion choices and acting roles considering she’s about to marry Franklin, who’s also a Seventh Day Adventist minister.

I find it odd that instead of being happy for the couple (a successful, black one at that), many picked this opportunity question whether or not Good was fit for the role of “preacher’s wife,” despite knowing little about her personal life or beliefs.

As an actress, it’s her job to act–to make people believe she is whatever role she’s playing. But should this matter in her personal life? Do people question Denzel’s walk with God even though he King Konged his way through Training Day?

Should Meagan Good’s roles be affected by her decision to wed a minister (and, let’s not forget, film executive)? 

Speak on it folks! 

*Note: DeVon Franklin and I went to college together and socialized in the same circles. He’s a good dude.

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  • Mr. Man

    Good for them, even though the odds are heavily against them, I hope them the best.
    If Megan is really ready for a mature and successful marriage she will discuss/ consult/ consider her man before accepting, read: certain roles. If she’s the sort though to put her career above and before any and every single thing, well then its already broken..I don’t know these people so I can only wish them much success.

    • omfg

      oh please. if he is so concerned about her showing her body and taking on certain roles, he should not be with her.

      plus, he works in the industry, he ought to know the game. so if he was mature and wanted a successful marriage, he would select someone whose choices of roles would not be a problem. how do you know he hasn’t forwarded her some of the scripts for parts she has done? lol.

      but at the end of the day, he should be okay with her choices. it works both ways doesn’t it?

    • MissAnn

      I agree with omfg.

      He knew who she was and what her job entailed, so if anything, can HE handle her?

      Guess the same can be said about the minister.

      They both look very much in love, and I hope the best for them.

  • omfg

    as someone who worked in entertainment a long time ago, i can attest that those studio executives are all sinners. lol.

    so, not sure why anyone would go all holier than thou on meagan. he knows what kinds of roles are out there for her and the ones she takes… being a “minister” don’t mean ish.

    birds of a feather folks…

    hope it works. she’s very pretty and with a slammin body.

  • Alexandra

    He’s in film, I really don’t see why she should change the type of roles she takes. He’s most likely aware and should be prepared for that.

    Congrats to them! They look good together.

  • I was surprised because :
    1.)wasn’t she dating some baller not too long ago,
    2.)he is a preacher and studio exec?!

    About her fashion choices, eh….look at that smile he got up thurr with one of her boobies peeking?! She is in good company!

  • Aww. Cute couple.