Over the past few years there has been no shortage of books, articles, blogs, and TV specials about the plight of single black women. From the dismal statistic stating that half of us are not married (never mind that all women are waiting longer to wed), to the mainstream media’s insistance on picking up (and harping on) the “educated, paid, and single” meme, black women and our ring fingers have been fodder for discussion lately. But a new book by Pastor Jomo K. Johnson of Philadelphia’s Open Air Church aims to move the conversation in a new direction, telling black women that it’s ok to be single.

In his new book, Call Tyrone: Why Black Women Should Remain Single Or…, Pastor Johnson addresses the single, black woman “problem” from a pastoral perspective, arguing that churchgoing women should be happy with their single-status instead of lamenting it.

Pastor Johnson explained:

“First and foremost, [I] have a desire to inform and educate all women that they are precious and priceless in the sight of God. Because of that, a woman shouldn’t lower herself in any way. In the book what I seek to do is exalt and extol the value of singleness; how it can be a gift of God [and] how it is a blessed gift. The Lord Jesus was single, and he was able to embrace his singleness and use it for the purpose of ministry. I also point to women in history who have given their lives in singleness and really thought to serve others. Singleness is something that the Bible really condones and promotes.”

While the book might ruffle some feathers for being yet another tome about black women’s love lives from a man, Pastor Johnson says he doesn’t let brothas off the hook either. He told the Christian Post the “book also serves as a wake-up call to African-American men who aren’t taking care of their own lives, [and] who aren’t seeking to be faithful or responsible to African-American women in their community,”

According to the book’s website Call Tyrone will explore interracial dating (Pastor Johnson says it should be an option for black women), the “trend” of successful black men dating “out,” what rap music has done to our communities, dating across religious lines, and why black women should stay single rather than settle for unsuitable mates.

Call Tyrone is scheduled to be released on June 1.

What do you think of the book’s premise? Would you read it?  

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  • Wuluwulu

    I will not be reading the book, because I don’t need instruction on how to run my life. if the intention of the author is to uplift black women because they are being beaten in the media then I hope those women who purchase the mateiral find value in his words. I already understand the system so I have the thick skin needed to live in the world as a black person.

    Truth be told, if I was married earlier in my life I would have been divorced, perhaps even more than once. I was in no condition to be anybody’s wife, and definitely not a mother either. Now, I can be married because I have taken the time to work through my issues and I know now that I would make an excelelnt wife and mother. I think singlehood is the time to work through issues that may surface and damage a marriage.

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  • The Interview with CBS Atlanta’s Lorraine Jacques White, on Call Tyrone is now available at CallTyroneBook.com

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  • Steve Kettering

    This pastor quite obviously has nothing on his mind except revenue. Single black women (many college educated and working good jobs) will no do doubt provide good revenue if they are church goers and more so if they dont have a husband and children to spend on. If this man thinks its such a good idea he should do it himself, but he wont. The Protestant movement in Christianity was a rejection of the Catholic churches interpretation of the Bible and one of the key points of reform or rejection was a celibate life style. Monasticism was rejected by protestantism and the lifestyle associated with it. My suggestion is that since the demographic reality is insurmountable, Black women should move to inter racial dating and also change their check lists. There are thousands of men out there for black women to marry, it just so happens that they are not black, but so what???? And if idiotic pastors keep trying to prevent black women from fulfilling their right to married life, they should consider changing churches or even religion!