Well, that was fast wasn’t it?

After deleting her Twitter account in a huff over a fall-out with one of her popular fan sites (and some of her fans), the Queen Barb is back on the tweet beat.

Nicki has been hanging out in London promoting her sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, and apparently, the UK Barbz love her. They showed up at album signings and followed her as she’s traipsed through the streets of London in her Technicolor outfits

But despite her hissy fit a week ago, Nicki is back online and she’s got some news: her new video for ‘Starships’ is dropping soon and she’s working on a new video with Breezy.

Nicki tweeted:

*salutes the nation of Pinkslam* *hugs the barbz* *kisses the barbz*

State of the Union: Dear Barbz, our nation will not be fully reinstated to 11 million for another few days as per @twitter It takes time 

Barbz, the UK showed me so much love it was a bit overwhelming. Its like they totally get us…the signing was so emotional. they’re ratchet 

The Starships video premieres tomorrow on MTV @ 7:56pm EST

Plus!!! We’re shooting the video to “Right by my side” this week!

So, I guess this means it’s all love again in the Land of the Barbz?

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