Singer, actress and former Miss America, Vanessa Williams, opened up about being sexually abused by a teenage girl when she was 10 in her new memoir You Have No Idea. The 49-year old actress told People magazine that the incident occurred when she she was staying with family friends and their 18-year-old daughter, Susan, entered her room and “pulled down the bloomers of my cotton baby-doll pajamas,” she said. “I lay there paralyzed. What was I going to do?”

Williams said the incident didn’t emotionally scar her for life and that she didn’t dwell on it much, but it did cause her to be more rebellious and pull away from her parents growing up. She obviously became a powerful, well rounded, successful woman and now she is ready to share her secret with others who may have suffered the same misfortune.

A lot of things happen in our lives that we vow to take to our graves, either because it was too traumatizing or embarrasssing. More and more we see celebrities breaking their silence in books and their stories sometimes help others get through whatever hardships they are dealing with. Not every secret is meant to be taken to the grave. Letting go of that secret can free you from the bonds of depression and shame that it held over you for so many years. It can also teach someone else that no matter what they went through in life that they can still live out their dreams. Being a slave to a secret can drive a person crazy and halt blessings in their lives.

Brava to Williams for wanting to share her story after all these years. Will you pick up her new book?

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