This weekend, rapper Nicki Minaj deleted her Twitter account because one of her fan sites started to leak tracks from her new album, “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.” Minaj was beyond upset that her songs were being leaked and decided to respond to the fan site by deleting her account. Is deleting a Twitter account really that serious?

For one, it is sad that we now live in a generation where people get extremely offended when someone deletes or blocks them from a social media site. It is compared to a slap in the face. This seems to translate with celebrities as well because whenever they are upset or want to lash out at fan they delete their Twitter or Facebook accounts. People take this social media thing way too serious.

This was not a smart move on Minaj’s part because at the end of the day social media accounts created for celebs are about business. It’s a way to grow your fan base and make them feel as though they are really close to you. Minaj deleting her account could possibly cost her some fans.

The importance placed on social media has really gotten out of hand when a celebrity deleting their Twitter account is news. With the great emphasis that is placed on social media today, it makes you wonder how people survived or communicated without it (smh).

Do you get offended when someone deletes you on Facebook or un-follows you on Twitter?

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  • iQgraphics

    my twitter is public and I go on many offensive rants.
    I don’t have a face book.

    I stand by what I say and don’t think anything you post on the world wide web is private despite that little placebo lock icon.

    I follow and unfollow people all the time… they are free to do the same to me.
    who cares.

  • In this case I don’t think it hurt her. Her stans are very series. There’s is petitions to get her back on, and all kinds of things.

  • Atheist & Proud

    @Risa Dixon. In your title you wrote “People Take Twitter Way Too SERIOUS”. You should have written…Too SERIOUSLY. The former is an adjective, the latter an adverb.

    Can you please change that? Thanks.

  • justicia

    I disagree that “people take this social media thing way too seriously”. sites like twitter and facebook are real, and have real people behind them with real consequences–good and bad. i don’t think it was smart for NM to delete her account but it’s also illegal for her fan to leak music


    Why the bleep does this site allow these “journalists” to get away with poor grammar? People take twitter way too SERIOUS. Seriously!That sounds like something rapper 50 Cent would write or say. Isn’t supposed to be SERIOUSLY?