Last night, the first part of the reunion for the Real Housewives of Atlanta aired, and while many enjoyed watching the ladies go toe-to-toe over such hot button issues as who is a bigger designer label addict and which woman is truly rich, I couldn’t help thinking how ugly each of the women came off looking.

While some like Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey managed to stay (somewhat) above the fray, the arguments between Kim, Nene, Sheree, and Kandi seemed extremely over the top and very, very petty.

The negativity was palpable. And while I stopped watching the Atlanta Housewives at the beginning of the season, only catching the last two episodes, it’s clear that each woman knows how to give the audience what they want: a train wreck. And while they are handsomely rewarded for their efforts (Nene reportedly raked in $500k), I wonder if they care that their nonsensical arguments and juvenile behavior make them look so unattractive to the outside world.

God willing, when I reach 40, the last thing on my mind will be carrying on high school-esque drama for hours on end with women I don’t even like. So while I recognize that this show has helped these ladies up their social status, I really don’t understand what would compel these business-savvy, outwardly beautiful women to utterly play themselves on TV.

While the money is indeed great, these women could use this opportunity in the spotlight to launch more valuable (and lucrative) careers, and I’m sure being the bitter broad arguing about whose teeth look better and whose house is paid for just won’t get them there.

Exhibit A: Sheree.

Last night Sheree appeared to be grasping at straws in an attempt to resurrect her relevancy and revive her tired storyline by attempting to beef with Nene about her son’s brush with the law. Although Nene rubs me the wrong way because she constantly acts brand new, last night Sheree’s attempt to peg Nene as a bad mother because her son was arrested did nothing but make Sheree look desperate for the spotlight.

And while Nene scored points for pointing out that her son is off limits, she lost them off when she constantly rolled her eyes at the other ladies’ good news and fought with Kim about whether or not she rented her house.

With so many important things going on in the world, these women have a real platform to speak out and work toward helping other women improve their lives. Although their stories could be compelling—bouncing back from divorce, starting new businesses, finally finding love—they constantly undercut their ability to be role models for women by engaging idiotic arguments that expose their ugliest sides.

Did you watching the RHOA reunion? What did you think?

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  • No

    I nearly died when Kim lied on camera about having furniture in her husbands house thst was most definitely purchased by her ex married boyfriend. We watched her buy cars, jewelry, and said furniture for two seasons with some other womans husband’s money and she just sat there and lied. She rode to the hospital to have Kroy’s baby in the car Big Poppa bought! Shameful. Poor Kroy is going to wake up broke and with a mouthful of wig hair one day.

    • MzDan

      “Poor Kroy is going to wake up broke and with a mouthful of wig hair one day.” hahahahaa!!!!!

  • Whatever

    I watched last night. I actually like Nene though… she can be “extra” at times but she is hilarious. I liked the way she responded to Sheree last night about her son. She could have went extra hard on Kim but chose not to… Let’s face it Kroy is the dumbest man in ATL right now. Kandi shouldn’t care that Nene is not into sex toys because many women are not. Sheree is the definition of bitter and unhappy.

    Andy is always by far the best thing about the reunion… “Are you blowing through Kroy’s money?”

  • Georgia

    Oh, I watched it, and watched the whole season, and I admit i enjoy really lowbrow television, but I found the anger and ugliness and vulgarity in the reunion show kind of shocking. NeNe came across as hideous–her face became so completed distorted and grotesque with anger at one point–that it was uncomfortable to watch.

  • mamareese

    Nene should change her name to MeMe…and she does give a bleep….or she wouldn’t be up to speed on other folks business…….Ugh all these heifas need to take note from Candy and Phaerda….they are the closest thing to acting like ladies that the show has……Nene honey hell’s hot…..

  • It was hands down the worst display and portrayal of black women since uncut. Females like these delusional, childish, self absorbed, unstable creatures make women of integrity and substance seem unrealistic and in a racist world hell bent on making black men and women the problems of society, there is no way for us to escape. These are the ubiquitous negative images that are feeding youth and other races that ugliness, hatred, and disrespect will be tolerated and accepted more than unity, and respect for others. Shows like these gain ratings because this is what people are being fed and instead of railing against these stereotypes people would much rather succumb to them, with fear of being labeled an outcast or a hater. Shows like this give people like the The Swedish artist who created the racist and hurtful “painful cake” a reason to disregard other people’s pain because they see images like these of women cutting each down so they feel it is acceptable. The constant perpetuation of black women being materialistic, attitudinal, aggressive, and free to demean each other will continue the spiral of hatred for us among other races.