It’s hard to remember that a kind of awkward guy who didn’t seem very smart was our President just a few short years ago. I can’t imagine that “other guy” who shall remain nameless for now participating in a photo opp like this one.

With a geekily pleased smile plastered on his face, Barack Obama basked in the glory of Trekking out with Nichelle Nichols, who played Lieutenant Uhura on the iconic series Star Trek. The pair are flashing the “Live Long and Prosper” symbol, which has become a gesture of bonding for sci-fi nerds all over the world.

Nichols is a true legend —  she was one of the first black women with a major role on a mainstream show, the first to participate in an interracial kiss on television, and thrived as a universal sex symbol during the racially turbulent sixties and seventies like it was no thang. AT 79, she’s also keeping it fly well into the new millennium.

Obama’s sheer glee over getting his sci-fi on makes me wonder how many black girls love science fiction but keep the obsession to ourselves. From afro-futuristic work like that of Octavia Butler, to mainstream offerings like Battlestar Galatica, the stuff can be fascinating and quite addictive. How many of you are sci-fi geeks in disguise?

Are you a science fiction fan? What’s your alternate reality of choice?


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