Pilar and Deion Sanders are going through a very public and very bitter divorce. Despite being married for over a decade, the couple’s union is quickly devolving into one of the messiest, and potentially violent, divorces we’ve seen in some time.

Last year Pilar and Deion’s older daughter, Deiondra, got into it on Twitter regarding infidelity rumors and claims that Pilar was an unfit wife and mother. Deiondra and Pilar aired out their private, family business for the world to see, and yesterday, the split up took a turn for the worse as Deion had Pilar arrested after he claims she and a friend attempted to attack him in the couple’s home.

After calling the police, Deion took to Twitter to tell his followers that his soon-to-be ex-wife attacked him and he was filling out a police report.

After the incident Pilar was taken into the custody and booked for Assault Family Violence, a class C misdemeanor.

While the drama surrounding Pilar and Deion’s divorce is quite embarrassing for them both, the truly sad part of this entire ordeal is the fact that the couple’s young sons witnessed the violence between their parents.

Even though I commend Deion, a former professional football player, for keeping his hands to himself and not beating Pilar to a pulp after she attacked him, violence–from either party–is wrong and is never the way to handle an emotionally-taxing divorce.

Many of us have witnessed scenes like this play out far too often. Although break ups are tough, painful and emotionally draining, they don’t give us license to physically take our frustrations out on others.

I hope Deion and Pilar are able to move forward from this horrible incident to amicably dissolve their marriage. If not for their own sanity and safety, but for the mental and emotionally wellbeing of their children.

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